Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

7:31 AM
6lb 14oz
14 inch head
19 3/4 inches long

Born at home after 2 hrs 30 minutes mild labor I slept through , 15 minutes waking mild labor, and 15 minutes hard labor.  The midwife arrived just in time with barely 5 minutes to spare.   She didn’t even have time to get supplies, she just ran into the house.   I woke DH at 10 to seven, he called the midwife at 7am  and his mom to come get Itty Bitty for the duration of labor (hahaha), I stopped being able to speak at 7:15, midwife arrived at 7:25 or so, baby arrived 7:31, Itty Bitty woke up around 7:35, midwife assistants about the same time, then MIL soon after.   Yowza!

Our journey begins anew …

Caught large deposit of meconium.   I expect 1 pee on the next 24 hours, 2 pees day 2, 3 on day 3 until we get up to 5-10 per day.  Diaper free should be easy until around day 4 or 5.

Compare to Sister —  Day 1:  Happy Birthday!

Sister Itty Bitty’s EC blog journey.


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