Month 1: Learning the Ropes — Daily Notations

Compare this month with BB’s Sister Itty Bitty  Month 1: Learning Curves

2/22 day 0 W: gigantic meconium official catch semi up in prefold an hour after birth.  1 small wee and small meconium deposits on unsecured prefold.

First Week. Cradle them and they will pee in the sink

2/23 day 1 R: big pee on daddy (haha). giant messy brownish green poop with grandma — mommy felt really bad because the warning fart was foul and i waited instead of reacting.  And three micro wees in draped prefold.    Notice fussing and nipple refusal when immediately wet.  Skin very red with acne like rash.   foul gas!  pu!  My afterpains picked up at night and I indulged one ibruprofen to take the edge off for sleep.

2/24 day 2 F:   Milk is in!   Mommy went potty and left baby in the arms of sister on daddy man’s lap.   Three minutes later Baby pooped on his sister: brownish yellow in unsecured flat.   2 minor pees in prefold.  Skin less red today except on bottom and half of face clear,

2/25 day 3 S:   3 big wees and 1 yellow watery poop  between 3 and 6am in unsecured flat.  Poop was let out in 3 stages, I held his legs up to keep it off the bum but in the prefold after the first noisy release.   1 big wee after nap, wet farts, and small seedy watery yellow poop during a sleep nurse in afternoon.   Non stop nursing today.  Midwife visit with weight check Weight: 6lb 12oz   Hands look plumper and face full.  Skin much better almost all clear except on buttocks.  Zero jaundice.   Itty Bitty asks to nurse a lot but I am so sore I have to limit her.  Minor annoying, uncomfortable but not painful uterine cramps.

2/26 day 4 Su:  Had a rough night last night.   Baby is in expected perma-latch state.   Several big pees and minor poops in the night.  I got peed on during a breast crawl.He despises being wet and soiled.    I noticed that if he is nursing and is about to go he nurses very softly and op[ens his eyes.   Missed all obviously, but  I caught one explosive poop in the morning after a big missed pee with baby laid back on my chest and feet on my hands in a foot supported squat.   He poops like one of those beetles that shoot their enemies with liquid out of their butts.   So far no signs of potty issues in Itty Bitty even though I am  camped out downstairs (bathroom proximity and no stairs) ans she cosleeps with Daddy without me which she hasn’t done before since his bedtime was always later than ours.  They watch movies and she fights sleep but is getting better.  PP bleeding is quite light, but my anus still smarts.

2/27 day 5 M:  Still learning patterns but caught a pee and poop in the sink this afternoon after noticing the “gentle suckle open eyes” cue.   Poop very successful, but had trouble with the hose attachment.   Impressive shooting distance.    Baby is only content away from breast and doesn’t cry for caught elimination…even changing an unsecured prefold results in newborn hysterics.  Had to work this evening and baby had 2 big pees and 2 poops in secured prefold with daddy man.  I had to work a few hours today, took a lot out of me.  Tandem nursed the first time today, very awkward to juggle both.   I prefer one at a time.   And daddy man created a pee booby trap by putting on a secured prefold with the baby bit pointed up!   Me and Itty Bitty got hosed!   Light cramping in uterus but it is completely back in my pelvis now.

2/28 day 6 T:   Managed to catch one pee today, the others I knew were going to occur but only just before they happened and others I just didn’t wake up fast enough.   I have observed that Baby Boy goes immediately upon waking and will not nurse until he has done so and will not nurse if he is soiled.  He is still having poopy farts of wet seedy poo.  The poos I missed, but I also knew they were arriving, I just didn’t respond quickly enough.  Part of the difficulty is the secured prefold, he kicks out of unsecured because he is so active.  He  slept 3 hour stretches today so I’ve gotten a break from non stop nursing.   Itty Bitty asks to nurse many times, but I’ve limited to 2-3 times due to soreness and she’s a loooooong nurser 20-30 minutes at least.  Sensitivity is getting better though.

Between legs, cradled, feet supported,over a prefold below.

2/29 day 7 W (1 week): Baby’s first snowfall and he weighs 7lbs 1oz.   Regained birth weight and then some!   and I caught two huge explosive poops one in the sink and one in a prefold in my lap plus two pees.   Feeling almost 100% recovered and snowfall cancelled work so I get extra recovery time.  Itty Bitty is wired up and needs more exercise but she loves her brother.  She dislikes the nursing limit, but she’s getting quite a bit of milk since it shows in the messy output.    No accidents from her at all.  I’m taking it easy so I don’t prolong recovery, though I had to clean up some chaos as I couldn’t stand it any longer.   You know spouses, the do a lot and yet you wish the would finish the laundry all the way and not leave a war zone in the kitchen!    Itty Bitty and Daddy man played a bit in the snow and made a little hand held snowman.   PP bleeding was down to light to spotting, but it increase until a large plum clot passed then the bit of cramps I’d had stopped completely, and my butt still smarts.   Latch still toe curling but down to stars rather that seeing entire galaxies.

3/1 day 8 R:   No catches today except one impressive poop in the prefold and pee  in my lap.  I napped a lot today and was too slow to catch pees others.  Daddy hasn’t attempted yo catch and isn’t likely to for at least 3 months when baby boy is stronger.   He got crabby with me for reminding him to point the baby’s penis down and not up (squirt gun) or to the side (thigh trickle).  He takes it as me being critical rather than as a important correction to avoid wee-wee escapes from a person who does the majority of baby and daily house care.    I can be frustrating!  He’s a great Daddy and my requests shouldn’t sully that!    The last time I assumed too much knowledge and didn’t offer tips our white laundry got turned brown!  Anyway, he took Itty Bitty out and got her good and tired playing in the snow and they built two snow kids.   She said they were her and her brother and she hugged and kissed them.   So cute.  PP bleeding back to minor spotting, no cramps.   Latch still yowchy…hanging in there!

3/2 day 9 F:  Had a pee filled night last night.  I did not wake up fast enough but he wiggles and fusses so he’s very aware.   He also tends to wait to poop until someone else holds him or the moment I put him down.   I’ve noticed a quiet contentment and look of awe (?) before a big poop.  Though I still miss the deployment because I don’t realize it’s not just “looking so cute” until it is too late.  Caught 3 pees in a pefold on my lap.  I’m getting better at aiming the spigot.

3/3 day 10 S:  Officially moved back to the second floor and spent the night with the baby in my armpit and Itty Bitty pressed up against my butt.   Epic pees.   I ended up just switching out prefolds.  I’m still not waking fast enough when he does his pee fuss.   The prefold is usually still warm so I know it’s close.   I also notice that he holds a lot of pee and if the diaper gets too soaked he won’t finish but waits.  Of course I realize this after he wets a fresh prefold.   Had a tiny nipple bleb (like the head of a flat pin)…man those teeny things hurt like crazy.

3/4 day 11 Su:   My mom, step dad, brother and grandmother came to visit and we had a party at the neighbors for their 7 year old where Baby Boy slept 3 hours so I had no catches.  Other than one pee in bed on a prefold between my legs in the AM. That bleb is annoying me, its on the right.

3/5 day 12 M:   Busy day today.  Had to get a birth certificate at city hall,  had breakfast, had a well baby check, had dinner, then I had to go to work for 4 hours.    No catches though I tried to warn the nurse that he was going to pee very soon.   We had the slowest nurse in creation and she got all weird about a little baby pee n the scale. I knew he was going to pee shortly, It would have been fine if she hadn’t taken so long. Stop talking … remove diaper, put baby on scale, read weight. Sheesh. And when I asked for a towel to clean the pee it was like I was speaking an unintelligible dead language.  Yet again, like with Itty Bitty,  there is a 9-10 oz scale discrepancy from the midwife scale and theirs so it looks like he lost weight rather than gain despite having grown half an inch.  No more spotting at all.

3/6  day 13 T:  No catches today.  Still learning signals in enough time to get to act before it is too late.   He is nursing non stop.   Latch only hurts a little now.  Even Itty Bitty’s latch is less annoying feeling.  I can’t wait for the “numb” to set in!  Especially for Itty Bitty’s sake.

Cradled in a supported squat over a prefold.

3/7  day 14 W (2 weeks):  One catch today on a prefold.  Still using mostly unsecured flats or prefolds, but snappi them for dh.   Itty BZitty still likes to help by getting a fresh prefold and cloth wipe.   Nursing not so bad, hurts just a little and I can ignore it mostly.

3/8  day 15 R:  Nursing let up a little and he’s taken to longer sleep in the late morning after chilling out for awhile.  It gave me time to shower and get one on one  time with itty bitty.

3/9  day 16 F:   Caught three pees in a container.   Trip to the sink is not as efficient until he becomes more reliable.  Itty Bitty heard me cue and repeated it to try and help.

3/10  day 17 S:  One catch in the AM.   Baby boy goes so much at night.  8-10 changes!  He won’t nurse or settle when wet.  It’s not unlike Itty Bitty’s morning successive pees.

3/11  day 18 Su: Hard night last night.   Baby boy pees a lot at night and often in the same 2 hour window.  Every time he has gas he still poops a little.  Caught two pees in a container.  Went to MILs for the day so did not have catches the rest of day.   Nursing has stopped hurting except for another nipple bleb — one on both sides.    Nursing through to unclog them — yowie.

3/12 day 19 M:  I’ve come to notice that BB pees most when he is out of arms and laying down which makes catching tricky even though I am starting to recognize the grunts and wiggles of elimination.  I’m sure if we were outside and always skin to skin it would be different.  This afternoon I knew he needed to go and he was naked in my arms and as I was stooping to pick up a cloth wipe to prepare he started to go.  I caught a poop in my hand on the wet cloth…its counts!  Itty Bitty thought that was yucky.

3/14  day 20 T:  DH stayed home from work and said I was looking a little zombie like.  Caught one pee in the morning and a small one just before bed.  Midwife came and BB weighs 7lb 11oz.   She was surprised when I noted he would pee soon and a immediately after weighing he did so.   She confirmed that my uterus is back to its original place and dimensions.     I then realized I can cough without my butt feeling sore finally.

Cradle support into a container.

3/15 day 21 W (3 weeks):  Caught three in a row today!   A combination of noticing he needed to go at the right moment and cueing with the PSS PSS sound.    Itty Bitty is very interested in the process.  I talk to her about him being wet, or the sounds of his poops, and pointing out when I think he might need to go and when I miss it.   Last night was another rough one for me.   I ended up getting up from3 to 5 and watching some TV.   Baby boy has been spitting up a bit and he sleeps better semi upright after feeding.    Itty Bitty has passed on a nose-throat centered cold.   Gah!

3/16  day 22 R: Very tired.   Didn’t catch any today.   My throat is gravelly and the baby is snuffling and Itty Bitty has runny nose.  Ewww.  I just noticed that nursing pain has stopped 100% and is only noticeable if I graze the tip of the nipples!  Yay!

3/17  day 23 F: Happy St. Paddy’s!   I’ve been so tired I almost missed it.   We’re not Irish, but it’s the last holiday before spring!    I adore this time of year and the return of fat buds and flowers.   Caught only one pee  in the morning.  We had a busy day and took  a family portrait.  The first official since our Wedding day, then took Itty Bitty to the Y, and went out for pizza.   Still stuffy and snotty.

3/18  day 24 S: Caught one night pee and 3 day pees using cue and also “just in time”  I’m still not waking in time at night, very groggy.  Itty Bitty sleeps right through it all.  Daddy Man is getting all night sleep too — new daddies shouldn’t get that much shut eye.   Harumph!    One poop managed to shoot out of the leg of a snappied prefold, though a fabric tunnel in the blanket and onto my hand and pants.  Really!?

3/19  day 25 Su: I hate sunrise.   Caught one night pee.   None in the day–unless you count my shirt (no biggy it was already spit-up on).  Itty Bitty and I aren’t in the best of moods.   It’s a circle of crank.   Baby Boy despises when he is wet and hates changes.  He gets hysterical.  I’m starting to wonder if a lot of colicky babies are simply saying, “Hey, morons I’ve got a situation here!  Damn it, now I messed myself.  You suck!  Waaaaaah!”    And, are at least some latch refusals a plea for a wee?  BB will not latch or nurse if he is wet or about to go and if he is already nursing he begins a half heated nibble or pops off and on.  Nursing has finally entered comfortably numb and Itty Bitty is able to nurse longer without making my skin crawl.

3/20  day 26 M: Happy Spring!  BB is now 7lbs 14 oz and 21 3/4 inches.   Man it is hot for this time of year!   We are all over dressed.  All I had for Itty Bitty to wear were fleece pants!   I am exhausted.  I’ve watched the sun come up three nights in a row.  3am to 5am Mr. Wakie Man insists on eating, peeing, blurping and not sleeping.   At least I have Netflix and On-demand TV viewing because there is jack-all-on regular late night TV.    I’ve been peed on too many times to count.   I let Itty Bitty loose in the sand box and BB peed in the grass twice.   I caught one night pee last night.

3/21   day 27  T:  Today I have been baby puked on, peed on, and pooped on.  Been sweated on by baby and toddler, and had toddler deposit snot on my shirt  and leave a poop skid mark on my pants from a failed bum wiping attempt.  Oh and leaky boobs on myself.  Caught nothing.  Snarled at my toddler.  Poor baby girl has been so patient and understandably crabby and clingy.  Mommy is adapting as best as she can but is not in a pleasant temper.  Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it, so sayeth Anne Shirley.

3/22 day 28 W (4 weeks):   A sleep reprieve last night.  Three hours in a row–twice!  I normally avoid clock looking, but I peeked when it felt later than expected.  I’m still tired since we rose two hours earlier due to BB’s snuffling.  I had to suction his nose to get out the offending phlegm booger.  He was not happy and cried fat tears but he was able to nurse more easily.  He happily had a huge pee and an explosive poo on cue after some insistent and uncomfortable fussing as I held him in position.    The I caught two more pees.   Three seems to be the magic number!   Got peed on too when I missed the “fuss-fuss-fuss-relax”  pattern.  I had to nose suck Itty Bitty too to stop the yellow goop constantly hanging that she could blow out no matter how hard she tried — boy was that a gross difficult task.  She fought me, cried, rubbed extracted snot everywhere then 15 minutes later was playing with the nose bulb!  At least the both are breathing less noisily now.   I have s minor cough still but no more stuffy nose.   Daddy-man however came home with a man-cold.  Everyone has napped today except mommy!  WTF?   I read an article recently Chore Wars: Men, Women and Housework” “that said a non-single woman’s time spent on chores iincreases by from 10 hours a week to 17 hours a week and a non-single man’s average chores decreases by one hour, from 8 hours to seven!  Again, I say WTF?         Anyway, a final thought.  I am a nincompoop.   I’ve been balking for this month over whether to buy a prefold belt.   Budget is not as flexible as it was three years ago.   Then I realized that the headbands I bought when I cut my hair and donated it two years ago would work I had a v8 moment.   If you are loathe to spend 6-10 dollars plus shipping for one prefold belt and suck at sewing or don’t want to sew Scunci style soft headbands work quite nicely and are close to 5 or 6 for 4 dollars.  You can knot for size, or cut and sew an inch, or even use no-sew tape

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  1. Oh, meant to ask… how long will you use a loose prefold? I hadn’t thought of trying that and my son is now 3 months old. He doesn’t seem to like the cradle-over-the-sink, but I think maybe he just fusses every time he goes.

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