Month 1: Show Me the Money

Compare this entry with Sister’s Blog:  Month 1: Cost Breakdown

I thought it would be good to revisit one of the side benefits of EC and cloth diapering (What are the EC Essentials?).    The reuse/resale value and thus low cost – no cost bonus.     It is quite unfortunate that Daddy Man’s baby quota is full, because I could definitely have one or two more quite happily, alas for me it will not be so.  But damn the amount of money that I’d potentially save each successive child just makes me dizzy with thrifty glee.

I haven’t spent any money on elimination accessories.  I still have all my unbleached cloth wipes, flats, two sets of prefolds, 2 bjorn little potties, 2 wipes warmers, six Thirsties covers,  Snappis, the 12 wee mats/blankets I made, wet bag, trash bin diaper pail and liner.

If I were to buy something it would be some tiny undies, another Planet Wise wet bag, and my luxury splurges would be a wool puddle pad and kaidanku.

Sister’s EC Blog:  Diaper Free the Other Side of the Moon


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