Month 2: Awareness and Mutual Understanding

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 2:  Path to a Diaper Free Baby

Headband Diaper Belt. Knotted for size.

3/23 Day 29 F:   Last night was by far the most successful in catches.  I managed to get 2 very large and 2 quite small wees into a container with a prefold stuffed in it to assure that if my groggy self forgot, it wouldn’t spill and cause me grief.   The rest of them I missed, especially that epic wee window where we went through six flats.  Just as I figured he couldn’t possibly have more to pee and drifted back to sleep, he went again!  He is also still poop-farting so I can’t leave him entirely free, just enough to protect from the dribbles and the whirling dervish hose.   I’m sure that once he trusts that I will respond better he’ll try harder to release more on cue if he can.   My cheapskate’s thrifty answer to the prefold belt has worked out famously.   I’d considered getting one with Itty Bitty but by the time I made up my mind I wasn’t using diapers anyway.     I like it better than the Snappi since I am not using covers except for extended outings and the Snappi gets caught on clothing.  It also makes quick changes so much easier and giving an pottytunity less of a hassle.      I just need to find the other one so I have two.  Daddy Man thinks I’m strange and didn’t know what to make of it and if he has BB, removes it in favor of Snappi.   I often start the early night with prefold and belt, then switch to an origami fold tied to itself for a loose hold,   It gives a little more wee protection where it is needed most but still allows a drop flap without the need for a belt.    I so got pooped on as I was typing  an answer to a blog one handed with BB on my chest this afternoon.   He was doing a major fussbudget and I was sure he  just wanted to nurse, turns out he needed to do a number 2.   Too late I missed the fussy-fussy-fussy-relax.  I then got a soaked shirt while I was finally doing birth announcements.  Serves me right for not listening, huh?     Daddy man and I are both beginning to distinguish better between the fuss of “hungry” and the fuss of “I gotta go”.

3/24  Day 30 S:   Today I captured an after sleep wee in the morning and one after nap pee and half a poop on cue in the afternoon.   There were lots of false alarms and many micro pee misses in a row.  Just before we settled down for the night, it was quite late, BB was on my chest just drifting off to sleep after a huge belch.  Somehow soon after the belch he relaxed completely, shot out a super sonic poop, that followed his butt and testicle path, to the crease in his thigh, went out of the side of a flat, out the leg gap, and down my waist to the flannel catch mat underneath me.    That takes talent!   Lesson learned:  be sure the legs of the flat are snug when you have baby chest to chest flat on you back or else the poop flows where it normally doesn’t when upright, reclined, or laying down.

3/25 Day 31 Su:   At 4am Daddy Man was still up puttering on the computer and watching TV (he’s got the weekend life) so I handed him a poopy baby with one eye open and went to do my own elimination…alone…with two hands free!    I hear after a minute, “Agggh!”   Apparently, the fire hose shot up straight and Daddy Man realized he was going to get a face full and had enough warning to get a prefold to control and direct the flow — though he didn’t have the practice to hold him up to pee.    Too bad, I wanted to see Daddy Man hosed!   BB  pooped 3 more times after that and each time I was sleep-grogged and thought his fuss couldn’t possibly be another poop or pee.  I was so wrong.   I did catch 2 big wees the rest of the day though and had a few near catches.    Evenings are more distracting and I was so grouchy after doing cleaning chores.  Cooking, dishes, laundry, sweeping…Grrr.


3/26 Day 32 M:  Good grief, four poops last night!  His fuss sounds are like newborn puppy grunts.   It went like this: baby-fuss-fuss-FUSS-DammitWoman!   ->  mommy-shift-stir-BlearyOneEyeGroan   –>  baby-Fuss-FUSSFUSSFUSS      –>  Mommy-stretch-yawn-YouHungry-HereBoob?   –>  baby–brrrrbbbbaaabrrrthhbbbpppt   –>  Mommy -oh-crap-again? How much poop is in there boy?      Anyway, the tied flat and wee pad combo is working well with no cover.  I can’t leave him nude like my daughter because I’m not sure how to deal with his penis behaving like a water sprinkler when he’s on his back and I need a bit more protection at night than the current extra small prefolds provide (I’ll dig out my larger size soon).    I also discovered why all of us mom’s eventually instinctively stop holding our babies like delicate china and start holding them cradled in one arm, at our sides, facing out while holding one of their legs for support.    It’s the perfect position to not get peed on.  Really.   Instinct designed by Mother Nature?     I had just missed a small wee and left BB naked after I tossed the prefold in the pail while I went in the kitchen to fetch my current liquid therapy of choice (hot chocolate).  All of a sudden, our flat top stove was wet and I thought I broke my glass tea kettle.  Then I saw another shooting stream and realized BB took it as an opportunity to finish emptying his bladder.    And there was another example why modern civilization is very different than the wilds babies are expecting.  I imagine in his primitive brain the stove was a merely tree or rock.    I caught four pees — it would have been five if I hadn’t had to go to work before he woke up from his evening snooze.   He’s still fart-pooping so I haven’t been successful or consistent in catching the big poops.    Darned if that look of contentment doesn’t trick me every single time!  “Oh, look at how cute I am while I gaze at you almost cooing to make you all gooshy.”  And then BAM!   A loud, messy poo followed by infant hysterics during the clean up.  On sister front, Itty Bitty happily realized she can easily climb onto the big toilet without the stool — as long as she takes off her pants completely first!

3/27 Day 33 T:  This getting up at 4AM is just not to my liking.    BB is still a bit snotty.    I’m wasted and I fell asleep on the couch several times today.  Microsleeps.  I’m not pleased, but luckily my toddler kept waking me with pleas for attention.    I did catch two pees before everyone was up this morning.    Poor Itty Bitty is stir crazy and when she reached for her lunch plate 15 seconds after I told her not to and to wait for me to finish putting food on it, she knocked it on the floor.   I yelled, she cried, I cleaned up, and was I grumpy the rest of the day.       Spring needs to get going sooner.  Too much time in the house.    So today is just a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.   I did catch one big pee, but the rest I just couldn’t get despite offering and despite knowing he’d had to go.  He pooped big four times!    I’m just so tired and out of it that I couldn’t even manage to remember to drink one glass of water…it took me all day!    BB has a blocked tear duct again…its the other eye–the left one.   The right one cleared in 48 hours two weeks ago and now this one is being goopy.   I noticed it the other day, it was gross yesterday, but today it was only a little bit.  The massaging of the side of the nose and shooting his eye with breastmilk seems to be doing the trick slowly but surely.

3/28 Day 34 W:   I am not sure I got much sleep last night, I think I’m in the delirious euphoria stage.   I was so angry when Daddy Man brought Itty Bitty to bed last night.  I’d turned in early and fell into a light sleep and was groggy.  Itty Bitty was still wired and was asking me for her pajama pants over and over because Daddy Man brought her up without them.  She was in my ear, on my head, and startled the baby awake who then immediately peed and pooped.    I hate it when he dumps her off and goes off duty.   Stay, get her settled, soothe your exhausted wife, then go downstairs and pick up the mess.   Nope.  Guess who got up again at 4:30 AM and entered living room disaster?  I caught 2 pees in a row, missed a few, and then caught half a pee and half a poop.   Went to work, came home to living room chaos and an unfed toddler (well he gave her an apple and some dry dregs of leftover take-out chicken–which was not tasty as I told him yesterday when I ate some and said it tasted like butt–he doesn’t eat leftovers so its up to me to eat the leavings).  Dude there was a whole fresh plate of pasta and red sauce with veggie right there in the fridge!    Arrrrgh!      BB’s left eye is looking better today.

3/29 Day 35 R (5 Weeks):  Caught 2 pees, and a pee and poop in the afternoon, then another pee.   Misses the rest of the day, but he slept a lot today so did not have a lot of little pees as usual, instead they were larger less often. So I say it was a 40-50% success rate.  Baby has had good head control for a newborn since day one, but can now hold his head up without bobbing for up to a minute.  His body is stronger too so it has gotten much easier to hold him in position now that he doesn’t have a looser newborn muscle tone.   I attribute the rapid growth in strength not just to genetics but also being baby worn upright and the exercise from potty positions.

3/30  Day 36 F:  Zombie town.  I am in the pit of bad moods.  I need some sunshine, this dreary weather is not doing me any favors.  Neither is sweeping, cooking, picking up,  putting away, dusting, or laundry.  Grump.   Caught two pees.  Sorry, Itty Bitty…mommy is a big crankpot.   Because he goes immediately upon awaking, and I’m napping or sleeping, I don’t get it in time — still moments after.  I literally am falling back to sleep at night seconds after I change out flats since I do so in night light glow semi laying down.   So I know the pattern, I just lack the speed.  That will come after this monster growth phase when I can get some consecutive shut-eye. He’s put on weight and is no longer stuck in the newborn fetal pose I just noticed (not sure when that happened).

3/31 Day 37 S:   Showered today.  Haven’t done so since Wednesday.    Marathon nursing last night.  The pattern was a ballet of nurse – minisleep – wakie -spit-up – pee – nurse – microsleep – pee  and repeat ad nauseum.   I awoke bleary eyed and so over tired after our bank run, breakfast out, and toddler release program at the gym (where a pre-verbal 2 year old girl gouged 2.5 year old Itty Bitty’s right cheek on purpose and Itty didn’t even flinch because she deemed the tot a “baby” who didn’t know better), I was unable to afternoon nap while Daddy Man snored, Itty Bitty snoozed, and Baby Boy caught long Zzzs.  I give them all stink eye!  I did manage to catch 3 pees (2 on cue and one on timing).

4/1 Day 38 Su:   I got 2 poos and their 2 accompanying pees first thing in the morning before getting out of bed in a container!  Later I managed to wrangle 3 small pees.   The rest I missed.  It was a day of micro-pees one after the other because of some serious marathon nursing.   He’s bulking up much faster than his sister but I can see that he’s going to be freakishly strong for his size like his sister.   Daddy Man and I produce very strong babies.

4/2 Day 39 M:  Got a poo on cue in the afternoon.   I knew a pee was soon to follow but I missed half of it.  He wanted to nurse more than pee and when he nurses he relaxes.  So I got the poo in a container, half a pee on a lap prefold, and half on my pants.  Totally missed the second poop half an hour later despite seeing and noticing the deep relaxation and super cute content face (aka poop face).  Will I ever learn not to be seduced by that face?   I got three pees later in the day.

4/3 Day 40 T:   I got one pee in the morning.  Went to a Mom’s meet today and I feel part of the human race again.   I didn’t catch anything in the afternoon since the little bugger slept the whole time we were there, then stirred for three seconds, had a huge wee, and went right back to sleep.  He stirred a bit when I changed him quickly but otherwise he snoozed the day away.  Harumph.   I missed the late day poop.  He hadn’t pooped all day except for the fart spurts and I knew it was coming.  I put him down for a minute and he went!

4/4 Day 41 W (6 weeks):  I think I managed to get tree consecutive hours of sleep last night. Yay!    I was less bleary and bear-like this morning.   I got two night pees…one big one and one micro-pee in a container in the wee hours.    After we got up I got a good one in the sink.    I waited as long as I could for the poop I was expecting and I decided to put him down  in the baby chair for a bit  with a loose flat, and take a quick shower while he was content.  When I returned there was a huge poo waiting for me.  I think I’m going to call it the poo chair from now on.   Every darn time he has a huge pee or a big poop in the thing!  I caught another pee later in a container.   A couple I knew were coming but could do nothing since I was in a middle of pumping and nursing at the same time…I just ran out of hands!  BB weighs 9lbs 6 ounces today!

4/5 Day 42 R:   I got a small pee before settling in for the night last  night, got a small one in the morning, but missed the huge one while  had a naked babe in my arms with a draped flat.  I knew he had to go, tried but he was taking his time, and I had to get up to wake Daddy Man because he was late for work (either he shut off his alarm in his sleep or forgot to turn it on.)    In the 30 seconds to do that, BB peed.    On a ecstatic note I got the huge late morning poop I was expecting.  BB had a good filling nurse and popped off giving me that special extra cute face.  I resisted melting into a puddle of goo and held him in a recline on my lap above a container between my thighs.  I waited, and waited while watching cartoons on the couch with Itty Bitty and typing this entry.    Baby Boy got more and more relaxed and cutiefied — almost limp noodle.  I waited some more — and then, I felt him tense and out shot the poop.   Victorious!   While doing my victory Riverdance I forgot about the after-poo pee and missed it.  Doh!  Looks like his left eye tear duct is finally unclogged.  We caught a few more and missed some wees the rest of the day.   BB is needing more time to relax his sphincter and I forget that.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more routine rather than always instinct with pottytunities to give BB a sense of knowing he can wait a short while for a poop. Baby boy has always been alert, but now when I look in his eyes I see wheels turning, rather than just relying on his instincts, I can see that he’s thinking through problems.   Not trying to re-write relativity or anything, just contemplates what he deems to be problems — like how to ask to switch boobs or initiate a change of scenery.

4/6 Day 43 F:   The poop chair strikes again.  Mostly a day of misses, we just couldn’t get in tune after a couple of morning catches.  To be fair we were out picking up things for Bunny Day.  I did get one poop and a few pees — so it wasn’t a total missfire. I wanted Itty Bitty to have a mini-hunt at home, color eggs, and have a basket of little toys instead of candy.  I did get one organic chocolate bunny.   I got BB a red onesie and 2 wrist rattles.  I hate the color selections for boys.  Drab gray, puke green, faded plaid, poop yellow, blah brown, and blue blue blue on every darn thing.   It’s as bad as the Pepto pink fest in the girls section.     How about some nice pastels for baby boys for spring, or bright primaries without that damn blue piping?   And for goodness sakes, polka dots, butterflies, birds, and flowers aren’t just for girls!  The male birds and butterflies of the world are usually the most beautiful and embellished!  Gender bias sucks.  Anyway we had a successful photo shoot with the Easter bunny at the mall.

4/7 Day 44 S:   Daddy Man was up way too late and got to sleep in way too late so Mommy got to dictate the day’s activity with no arguments, especially considering she’d been up since 6:30am, did 3 loads of laundry, and picked up the stuff off the living room floor that Daddy Man failed to do–again.    We went to a local nursery for an egg hunt and bunny sighting.  It was Itty Bitty’s moment.  She had a good time and I was happy because despite our crank clashes she’s been really easygoing about this bundle of upheaval.   It wasn’t such a great day for baby EC.  We caught two pees all day.  His bottom was irritated by the end of the day.

4/8 Day 45 Su:   Happy Spring Easter Beltane!    I caught 2 pees before we left, but the rest of the day was a bust between car travel and having BB passed around.  He was not a happy camper with a poor red butt, 2 explosive poos, soaking nappys, and no significant naps.  On a better note he’s blurping less now that snot central is clear.    The holiday outfit may have been cute (despite the gray on it), but all those layers were a pain!   Onesie, socks,  pants, diaper cover, and snappied prefold.     I want my cover-less, side-snap t-shirt (usually naked) baby back!   On an easy note, I only reminded Itty Bitty once to potty when my Potty-Sense tingled and she was happy I did and eagerly went to take care of business with Daddy Man’s assistance.

4/9 Day 46 M:  Today was all about the baby bottom.    Bare naked.   I got peed on quite thoroughly three times.   BB realized he didn’t have on any restriction and let loose a fountain instead of a teaser.    Not a big deal as I had a load of laundry to do any way, but now I know for certain that he holds out and micro-pees on purpose to avoid feeling wet.   I caught 1 poo in a container, one on a prefold with his legs held up, and one in a prefold on my lap.  I had to work this evening so Daddy Man used a lot of flats as he diapers rather than ECs.   Baby booty is back to normal.

4/10 Day 47 T:    Baby Boy has learned that sometimes you have to grunt and kick her Groggy Mommy Highness and mangle her nipple between 6 and 4am if you don’t want to poop yourself, and if she doesn’t seem to understand you need five minutes to relax you grunt like and angry piglet until she gets it through her thick skull.  And a big poop it was.   I even got the 10-minute-after poop pee!  I then missed a small wee soon after while I was cleaning the reeking deposit left by Itty Bitty in the bedroom potty.   I still need to figure out the best way to deal with the nozzle with bare bum.  Maybe use the belt  to hold the prefold like a loin cloth but not tuck it under sumo style, just to direct the stream.   Once it gets warmer and we are camped outside it will be less of an issue.   Overall, it was a very successful day.  I caught half the pees and all the poops.  Daddy Man even witnessed the last big one.  BB was being a big fussbunny grunting, flailing, and crabbing even after being offered the breast.  I held him up in potty position over the container and he immediately went pee then pooped.   The only mishap was that he wasn’t quit finished and he pooped the other half in a fresh prefold. Oops!

4/11 Day 48 W:    The poop chair strikes again!   So last night I missed several wees and at 4am when I went to potty myself with him in arms he wet his diaper at the same time!  Unexpected result.    Just before we got up for the day and I got a big wee and a small poop.   I knew there was more in there but Itty Bitty was hungry so we aborted and got up.   I offered again while Big Sister was eating and he grunted a bit and had a lot of farts.  By now I’ve got to go myself quite urgently and I put him in THE CHAIR with a flat laid under his bottom and loose between his legs just in case.   By the time I got back he had his huge poop and was doing a happy limb flail.   Pee catches the rest of the day were 50/50, hit and miss.    While i was at work Daddy Man said he recognized the poop grunt a few seconds before another gigantic poop bomb set off in two waves and then released ten minutes later what Daddy Man Calls the “Happy Pee” when BB looks at him with a happy look in his eye just moments before having a weewee.     So even though Daddy Man doesn’t take him to do his business he can still recognize the communications.

4/12 Day 49 R (7 weeks):  An off day of hits and fouls.    Curse the poop chair!   It was a day of catch one miss one.    BB woke up dry from along nap while out and I took us to the bathroom.  By the time I gotthe clothes sorted out I felt the warm wetness through my hand just as I released the Snappi.   At least we tried!    A n unexpected poop happened in the carseat even after the big poop chair deployment.    I did get about four pees on cue throughout the day though!   Okay, gripe time.    At a play area today I saw a 3 1/2 year old girl in skirt-dress and white tights over a pullup so soiled it was bunched and rolled like she had ping pong balls in there (yes, there was a convenient bathroom a few steps away). Gross!   If folks use disposables there are cleanliness guidelines that come with that too.  I get that they are expensive and can hold half the Chesapeake , but damn change them ASAP! Don’t let the oblivious kids play with a butt full of urine.   It is like having your nursing home bound grandma having her depends changed 6-12 hours after it was soiled.   I daresay someone would get fired for that.

4/13 Day 50 F:  I’ve been thinking of an official blog moniker for Baby Boy.  Itty Bitty was almost re-named Tiny Titan after her first birthday — freakishly strong for her tall slender build — but I never got around to it.    For BB I’ve considered Master P ee or Gruntling.  But i think I’ve decided on Little Moose based upon his rapid growth and long limbs.   Daddy Man suggested Tank, but tanks aren’t cute.   Henceforth BB (Baby Boy) shall be dubbed Little Moose.      Last night was a no catch–but the soiled linens were still warm I noticed so I’m waking as it happens.  We were out most of the day today to give Itty Bitty some energy release since it was nice weather.   I forgot her sneakers and she kept having trouble with her new silver sparkle shoes.   The times I knew Little Moose was going to go, I could do little a head of time since he was slinged while I was spotting Itty Bitty on climbing structures that scare children three times her size.  And other times it was carseat weewee.   I did catch one small pee early in the morning efore we left for the day and 1 big wee after we got home.   For the most part it was more miss than hit.

4/14 Day 51 S:   I was just opening my eyes at 4:30 am when I missed the giant poop.  I caught the 8am poo following an impressive pee (it had force and volume).   I missed several pees and got seduced again by the poop face early afternoon!   Little Moose make way too much poop!  Were does he store it!?       I may have detected a smile — a waking smile, not the elusive sleepy dream smile — in the blue light only the butt crack of dawn could produce.  Or I might have been hallucinating.

4/15 Day 52 Su:   Hard night.  Itty Bitty and Little Moose were staggering their waking.   Itty Bitty doesn’t usually wake up at night anymore for something but last night she woke up twice.  Once looking for daddy and once as the sun was coming up asking for “mamies” (mommy milk) , she usually waits until late morning to ask.    So needless to say I didn’t get much sleep and things rather  descended quickly into crazy town with screaming baby in one ear and whining toddler in the other with a mommy with full bladder in the middle.    I didn’t make any catches in the night, though I tried twice for the most obvious signal.  I think maybe it was a small wee, but I had  prefold in the container and couldn’t tell really.   Mostly it was changing out flats.    Daddy Man came in to help and we all took a late morning nap.  Mine was the shortest obviously!    I changed out flats …  Little Moose was between us…hmmm… Mini Moose…hahaha.    Where was I?    The baby was between me and Daddy Man and as I rolled over to get a dry flat apparently he has pristine aim and peed all over Daddy Man’s boxer  briefs butt when he was dozing facing away from us.   Nothing else got hosed so I had no idea.    Daddy Man said, “I woke up wondering why my butt and testicles were wet, clammy and cold.”     We were at MIL so all misses at her house, but at home I caught two big poops and two big pees on cue/intuition.   He smiled at me when he awoke from a long nap.  Just once and I’m sure it wasn’t a yawn.

The Infamous Poop Chair

4/16 Day 53 M:  Patriot’s Day Doings.  Ate something bad and I was up until 2am and baby was up at 4am.   Woe is me!   You know the drill.  Just as you fall asleep the squirt needs you for something.   Mini Moose even had the audacity to pick last night to be bored and want to gaze at me and interact instead of nursing or sleeping.    It was a change-out night, but just before I resigned myself that there would be no rest for the mommy, Mini Moose did his Stewie impression and pig grunted until I got the hint and held him in potty position for a poop and pee.   An hour later we repeated  the catch and then missed the next pee after I put him on the floor (I was not in the mood to interact with the Poop Chair!).  Itty Bitty was ready to create insanity at 7am.  I am not sure that I actually slept at all.   It was hot today! After her ridiculosly early nap at 12:30 I set Itty Bitty up with the hose and her big sandbox and let her get good and messy for a few hours after the peak heat of the day passed.  Mini Moose had a few pee-wees outside in the grass.   I tried resting him on my feet like I’ve read can be done instead of cradle.   It was a laughable attempt.  Not exactly sure how to work it.  I was so right about the penis totally not being an issue outside.   I notice too that if he is on his side his pee trickles down his thigh rather than arcing or shooting.   I noticed that his flat when wrapped or secured is always dry on one side and soaked on the side he’s lying on.  With a girl it didn’t seem to matter much how she was lying the wet spread was pretty consistent.    Could that be the solution to a diaper bare boy at night who is not belly sleeping yet?  Side lying?   I’ll have to observe more next time we are splendor in the grass.

4/17 Day 54 T:  I’m done in.  Tired doesn’t even cover it.   Mini Moose nursed all night long and then decided to be social before the sun came up.  And nursed all day long too.   Le Sigh.    I couldn’t get to my happy place, and had no energy to really be angry more than a seconds or two.  So I was a defeated lump of “don’t feel like it” today.   It is 5 minutes to 9 and I am just waiting to be sure the boy is out in my armpit.  Early to Rise and napless Itty Bitty passed out on her Daddy.  She got to nurse twice today so even though I didn’t get as much one to one time with her as I would have liked, it was accomplished.  And for some odd reason, today was the most successful day of catches.  Go figure!   It was a night of change outs, a few false starts and two misses in the morning but then after that it was hits on cue.  The first big poop was a cue catch and half catch on a flat on my lap (backup you know) because it was such a big explosive output that I thought Mini Moose was done.  Turns out he had part two.  I say it counts since none of it got on his butt and was on the flat on my lap as intended in case I missed the receptacle.  So there.   I got an after poop wee, put him down for a minute on the floor.  He played on his right side for a bit, peed again, and then …rolled AWAY from the spot so he played on his left side!   Well, if that doesn’t prove that babies aren’t oblivious lumps what will?   I had a few more false alarms, a couple of misses after the false starts (he just wanted to eat more than listen to my superior wisdom), and then a few on cue in a row.    I even got two wee wees direct into the toilet to which Itty Bitty clapped for her brother and said, “Good Job Baby!   Good Job.”     There was a missed wee wee in the POOP CHAIR, but all poops were caught.  The last one was just before I started this blog entry in which Mini Moose was set in our bed on two weewee catchers naked (I’m a rebel) with a flat wrapped around his left leg so he could be unfettered but a miss would be properly re-routed.   I noticed the stiffening of the little spigot, held him in potty position, got an unexpected blow poop and a nice pee.     That means it was a 60 / 40 in favor of EC today!   I got spit on 50 times more and only one slightly damp shirt from a wee miss.  That’ll do Moose.  That’ll do.

4/18 Day 55 W:   Another marathon last night.   No catches only change outs because it takes me a little bit to realize he’s grunting and complaining asking to be changed.   I’m still not waking before he wees.   I’ve noticed though that he’s not pooping at night any more.  Will it last?   I hope so!      I finally passed him full and dry to DH an hour before he went to work just so I could get an hour of uninterrupted sleep.   My brain turned off and went immediately into REM.    I woke startled dreaming that the baby was in bed with me and my DH was talking to me.    Daddy Man offered to stay home but with lay offs and the economy going on I told him to go to work.    I work tonight too, but I’ll have some caffeine to tide me over.      It was a pretty good day of catches despite a really crabby babby.   The POOP CHAIR did it again — I had to put him down a minute to get something for Itty Bitty and he didn’t want to lie flat…so the chair it was.    I should have put him in the Pooh Bouncer since he doesn’t poop in that but likes to make it bounce like crazy.  It had been given as a gift for Itty Bitty but she never liked it much and it was used maybe ten times.   But later in the day I caught a poop that came in three phases in the container so 3:1 in favor of EC today!      I caught a lot of pee in the afternoon on cue.   A few false alarms.   I’d say it was a 50:50 pee catch rate.  Mini Moose is doing more determined wriggles on the floor.  He doesn’t sty in the same direction when I put him down, instead I come back to him pivoted 45 degrees from where he started.

4/19 Day 56 (8 weeks):   Is my little boy two months old already?    It can’t be true.   I’d say I was dreaming if it wasn’t for the sleep deprivation.     Today, the misses won over the catches.   I got a couple of poops fully, one half and half, and missed the other two.  Pees I seem to catch half and missed the second deployment.   I am still too random in my offerings, I need to offer after EVERY miss, immediately after a wake up, and wait for that after pee poop.  I know when they are happening!     But, you know, I try every day and that’s the important thing.   Every day the habit is more engrained and I do it without thinking about it.    Mini Moose is very consistent, I’m the one who daydreams, dozes, and gets distracted.  You lose track of time when you are distracted, and the next thing you know your lap is warm.     I choose to continue to not use a diaper cover unless on an extended outing to protect his carseat.    I want to be sure I change him right away.  He doesn’t like to be soiled, and I want to keep it that way!      Each success means one less diaper and being one step closer to not needing cloth management.   If we were both naked in a more natural environment we’d be golden, but that’s not our environment and I must adapt!   It is actually harder to find time to get one on one time with Itty Bitty and give her a chance to nurse.   The first three months, I know are the hardest to juggle.  We’ll get through.

4/20 Day 57:  Happy Earth Day!   We went to a Science and Nature center for the day.  It was really Itty Bitty’s moment.  Her brother slept just about the whole four hours.  I missed the two huge wake up wees because of the Moby wrap and sheer volume of people trying to keep an eye on my girl.  I wasn’t quite fast enough to catch the pee during a car change, but I knew it was imminent by the position of the …er… sundial.      Oh, last night was a night of misses (one catch) but, in the morning before we left I got one poop and a few pees.   And later in the evening I missed some pees and caught some pees.     Hey, I’m doing diaper laundry every other day rather than every day, so I know I’m not imagining it.

4/21 Day 58:  I didn’t catch anything last night, too groggy.    Mr. Wakey Man continues to be Social at 4am.  Daddy Man was still up playing a game.   Tsk tsk.  I told him he led a charmed daddy life.      I wound up passing off Mr. Wakey Man to him around 6am in the spare room so I could get a solid hour and a half of dream sleep.    Mr. Wakey Man wiggled out of his secured flat just enough to aim his little hose and pee on daddy and the futon mattress on the floor of the spare room.   Hah!    I didn’t change the sheets for him.  I’m on a bit of a Mommy Strike.    I’m mean and tired, okay?     No sympathy from this House Elf.     I let the baby water the rose bush and the grass three times, caught a good 3 wees in the house, and two small poops.    I missed the expected huge morning poop because I fell back to sleep after the two big warning farts.  Ooops.     Overall, I think catches won out today.


2 thoughts on “Month 2: Awareness and Mutual Understanding

  1. You are rockin’ it! I have such a hard time trying to do the bowl potty in bed with Spencer. He wriggles a lot building up to a pee so I can’t seem to keep his butt IN the bowl. He won’t seem to go in it at all for me anymore. He’ll sure go in the sink or potty, though.

    I love your night solution. My daughter was sleeping naked with me at 7 months, but yeah – can’t do that with a boy. The misses would just shoot too far. Our boy has quite the arc.

    • You could try a square larger container with a lower height with a prefold on the bottom so yiu can hold him over it and aim with ample butt coverage. Iwad going to do the same since he is out growing my container of choce 3 times faster than his sister or I might just do the BBLP.

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