Month 3: Growing Together – Day 59

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Sitting reclined over a bowl.

4/22 Day 59:    The best day yet!    Last night there were fewer diaper change outs.  It is anyone’s guess whether that is because his bladder is bigger, he waits longer, or I’m not waking up during the first half of the wee.    In any case, misses except for nearing dawn when I started to catch.   I got four good pees and two poops before we got up for the day.  And I got a few more and didn’t start missing until I handed him off to Daddy Man and then missed a couple during some Internet reading.   I even got a nice wee and a small poop before bed just before starting this blog.  He’s asleep beside me and his sister on the other side while I blog on the sidecarred crib.     There were several misses, mostly in Daddy Man’s part.   But over all I consider today to be on the side of successes.

Oh, I so scored on scunci headbands for cheapskate prefold belts.  A buck fifty for TEN at the supermarket.    That is so incredible right?  Better than eight dollars for one prefold belt not including shipping.  They aren’t fancy but they’ll do just fine.   And the little chunker has totally outgrown the tupperware bowl a month faster than his sister and he’s still a little too small for the Bjorn Little Potty.    He enjoys reclining between my legs (he has quite good head and torso control), but he’s so heavy now that even with my holding most of his weight it is leaving some marks on his thighs.    I’ve got to find a bigger container.

Daddy Man got hosed a few times today. I kept telling him to “pee” him even if the diaper was quite wet because often he still has to go a bit more.  Once there was even a fountain incident that got onto the floor!


3 thoughts on “Month 3: Growing Together – Day 59

  1. What a cute little tummy! I gave up on trying to find an appropriate container and splurged on one of those top hat potties. 🙂

      • It actually works really well. It is not so much holding her over as she can just sit on it. With a container I was always worried about her little legs getting too sore. Apparently they can be used to well after 12mo too. Occasionally the almost 2 year old sits on it a little awkwardly though…

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