Month 3: Growing Together – Day 60

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

4/23 Day 60:   I’ve decided to try doing a daily blog rather than one for the month.   I’ll put the daily notations up s as highlights too I think.  Not sure.   Just trying a new style out.

Last night I kept falling back to sleep after being roused by Mini Moose for nursing and changing.  Nursing isn’t a big deal.  Nipple in mouth–fall back to sleep.   The problem is that he goes after he wakes and then wants to nurse, or wants to nurse while he goes.    The first time was a hit though.  I’d actually gotten almost three hours of consecutive sleep.  Oooo Ahhh!   As I was coming back from Slumberland my brain noted the familiar kicking and nipple nibbling.   Hrmm…I think he needs to pee.  Pause.     Akkk!  HE NEEDS TO PEE!    I got that  one just in time judging by the little sundial.    It was a really impressive wee.    The rest I missed (3 or 4 wets in the early hours) one after the other.   I kept falling back to sleep.    I think I can dream nurse a little too well!

I knew there was a poop in there, but despite catching several pees after rousing for the day (Itty Bitty and I lingered in bed with the baby) I couldn’t get that poop.    And you probably guessed…the darned Poop Chair did its business.  I swear, I pottied him before I put him in it and gave him ample time to relax and get is poo on.  He relaxed, and a good wee wee and several loud toots but no deployment.  I put him in the chair and go get the laundry and I come back to poop #1.     The next time I put him down in the chair asleep so I can clean up Toddlertoygeddon 2012 and he loses his mind.  Man, we had a rough day for sanity.   Come to find out he had another huge, messy bright orange poop.   What a pain to clean off the boy Twig and Berries.  Not as bad as girl Kibbles and Bits but still…

Stupid Chair.

Not enough spandex in these to make a good diaper belt.

I worked tonight so I’m sure there were not hits on Daddy Man’s part, but he wee wee and did a small poop for me before I left for work.  He’s had a good nap and if I were holding him I’d pee him as soon as he roused.   Right now I’ve got Itty Bitty in bed with me chilling watching a movie after good nursing session she’s been waiting for.

Not sure what the catch rate is today.  Maybe 60:40 with misses edging out hits.

Curse that chair!

Oh. turns out that the cheap headbands are too cheap.  They don’t have enough spandex for a good grip.  They will be used as actual head wear as soon as Itty Bitty grows more hair.


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