Month 3: Growing Together – Day 61

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Diaper laundry takes 5 minutes; easy. This is a whole 'nother creature...s0--I want to be a nudist.

4/24 Day 61:   So today Mini Moose got weighed and according to their wonky scale and four tries–he is 10lbs 12oz, 39cm head, 32 inches long (they at first said 12lbs…I said “Uh, no”, then they said 11lbs 12oz, again I said “that can’t be right…he’s more like 10lbs 9oz).   I’m going to weigh him myself to see if that is right, finally.   Percentiles are useless so I didn’t check.        We had a night of misses, but the morning we stayed in the same sumo prefold all morning — despite my waking up grumpy from toddler in my ear and her foot on my back.    We need to discuss giving mommy waking decompression time to preserve a more calm morning mommy.

We had weewee soaker both times in the carseat, a lot of misses when daddy got home and during dinner.  However, we also had an equal number of catches–the after nap wees were easiest, and we had several on cue.  I got half a poop and missed two others (one in daddy’s arms, and one in mine).   I totally misread the fussy cry as burp gas both times and knew it too late when the cry stopped abruptly and was followed be that explosive sound.    On the bright side he has had a lot fewer wet farts.   I also noticed a few “warning wets” today because he was nude at the right time.  I knew he must be doing it these past 2 months, but I couldn’t confirm.   Babies have very excellent control! If you are just willing to give them the opportunity to show you, they can really do a lot of things other than spit-up on every piece of clothing you own.  That half poop?   He stopped when I tensed and exclaimed “Gah! Wait!”    He knew something was up, and released right away when in potty position.

He is asleep on my lap right now as he has been awake a long time today (we co sleep, so he naps anywhere like my Itty Bitty did) and I know I’m going to miss the coming big release. I can see how much hair he’s lost now (not that he had much to start with) and a bit of that annoying cradle cap.

Itty Bitty is craving more attention and so is one of the cats incidentally.


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