Month 3: Growing Together – Day 62

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Just a prefold no cover in there!

4/25 Day 62 W:     Huzzah!   Itty Bitty understood our little chat and went back to sleep this morning and I got an extra two hours in bed!  Of course while nursing the baby, but still.  Dream nurse is my friend.   Okay, she got in my face once because she’s only 2.5 and forgot, but then she laid down and went back to sleep for an hour, then woke up, used the potty, and picked out a toy to play with quietly.   I can’t ask for more!    She even got a nice long nurse before her brother roused.

It was a change out night with no catches–but he’s still waking to let me know he’s wet and then wants to eat.  This is good!   After we got up for the day I got a good afternoon of catches before I slung him on my back (I finally managed to do a newborn back carry with two rebozos/shawls — I’ve tried twice before but its hard when you’ve had no practice except with your own children and they are only newborn a short time).    He got really mad at first and then realized it was quite comfy and slept that way for three hours.     There was a small wee while he was slung, but it wasn’t until I took him out and held him in position that he had a huge pee and a pretty good sized poop.      He was pretty hungry so halfway through a rather long nursing session I missed a pee because he didn’t want to be disturbed.  It was okay though, I anticipated that and had a prefold draped on my lap.

I worked tonight so I handed him to Daddy Man.  He peed on him pretty quickly.  I told Daddy Man to watch for the penis and handed him a naked baby but he chose to put on a secured flat so he couldn’t see the warning.   I snicker, point and laugh.   He’s still sleeping, the expected long sleeps of a growth spurt after the marathon nursing sessions he’s had the past week.      I predict that he will wake up, pee on Daddy, nurse, need to pee again, then we will be out for the night.


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