Month 3: Growing Together – Day 63

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Sumo style gives extended life to outgrown extra small prefolds.

4/26 Day 63 R  (9 weeks):    Today began with the biggest poop I have ever seen leak out of a butt just as I was moaning and peeling open an eye.  He’d clearly been fussing for a while trying to rouse me–I recognized the grunting and the sudden silence.   If he didn’t have a secured flat on it would have been a real mess!    It was 9:30am and he doesn’t usually poop until the afternoon now.   I had planned on lingering in bed since I had nursed Itty Bitty and we were both drowsy and the baby was…shocker…snoozing.   We all know that those short cat naps can leave you disorientated and grogified.

We got up and went about our day and I got several pees.   Missed a few too.    Weird misses…like he couldn’t relax until I put him down or I did something like blink and look away for a second.   Mini Moose puked on me so many times I lost count.  Upset stomach I gather from being permanently latched to my chest.  He’s started to perfect the proto smiles and coos and was quite good at it today.   Catch-22  though.  The two times he was especially adorable (I mean like super duper makes you want another one even though you are on the edge of your sanity already cute)…cooing and smiling at me he pooped.  Big ones.   One was so large that it messed the draped flat (which was in perfect position by the way), hit the wee pad on my lap and got onto my pants.    Not a lot on my pants.  Enough to make me have to ponder if I could just wipe it and continue to wear poop pants or if I should change them only to have the next pair puked on.     Tough call.

Don’t act like you haven’t decided to wear poop pants.  You know you have.

Anyway, I changed and my fresh duds got puked on within fifteen minutes.  I totally should have gone with poop pants.  I wore him on my back for a while to clean the kitchen a bit and then mess it up putting together some lunch and trying to salvage some nasty sweet potato gratin I made yesterday. Itty Bitty got to eat the tasty fresh coleslaw I made.    The rest of the day the baby was crabby and Itty Bitty didn’t get the attention she deserved and I got to eat old refrigerator leftovers.  None of us got what we wanted today.    Daddy Man brought me some chocolate so that helped a little.

Misses won today.  But considering he was naked bum half of the day and the misses occurred the times he had on protection, it isn’t a total bust.


4 thoughts on “Month 3: Growing Together – Day 63

  1. Do you have a website or something that shows you how to wear him in your back? I would love to do that! Doing dishes with my daughter on my front kills my back! But I am kind of afraid to wear her on my back being so young.

    • I watched a lot of you tube videos with newborn carries in various wraps and carriers (particularly african, selendang and rebozo carries–my favorite simple wraps. ling wraps are similar just take more time.). It is awkward at first until you realize just how strong new babies are and how they just fit perfect at the curve of your spine once you get them there.

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