Month 3: Growing Together – Day 64

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

The baby sleeps in my armpit in the actual bed, the sidecar is for flats, potty, blankets, toys, water, tissues, and my ever important laptop! Yeah, its my glorified end table. So awesome.

4/27 Day 64 F:   I got three consecutive hours last night!   And what is even better is that when I woke up that first time when the baby roused, he was dry!   My brain was a little woozy from all that sleep but I managed to get him up over a container to have a very impressive wee.   Had we not done that he would have soaked through and if I hadn’t been fast enough he could have peed clear into the next house.    We went right back to sleep.   He was still nursing when I drifted off and the I woke up two hours later and he was wet and fussing and when I opened the flat with one hand to assess the situation while still lying down and nursing, the spigot was straight up.  Yikes!    I didn’t think I had enough time to maneuver so I pulled the flat out a bit more and aimed his penis down and cued him to go so I could catch it that way.  He obliged with two consecutive wees and the flat was very soaked, but held it all.   I put on a fresh flat (origami folded snappi, no cover) and we went back to sleep.   I secured it because he wiggles and I figured I’d be too sleepy to wake in time.     I was right, I didn’t catch the next several in bed eliminations, but we had fifty fifty success the rest of the day and I caught the only poop that appeared.    I didn’t dare put him in the poop chair today with the poop being unpredictable!

I wore him on my back today too.  It still takes me a while to get him just right but I’m getting better.    I managed to make blueberry muffins this morning (Itty Bitty was pleased) and rice and beans for dinner and do a little laundry.      The first time he wet while in the sling because I had him in it too long and he roused from sleep.   And the second time I removed him because my “Potty Sense” was tingling.   Unfortunately, after I got him off my back I paused to ask Daddy Man something because he looked odd (turns out he’d hurt himself while bending down…lung in rib situation) instead of doing what I had been planning to do.  Subsequently I missed a gigantic wee.   Dagnabbit!     Mini Moose has a bigger bladder now and can hold more so it can be impressive if he hasn’t gone in a while.      I am counting it as a half catch, because I would have got it if I hadn’t gotten distracted.

Catches win!

Oh, and our bed set up is not pristine like that, of course.   That picture was taken before Itty Bitty was born just after setting it up.  I may show you what it currently looks like some other time.  Maybe…


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