Month 3: Growing Together – Day 65

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

4/28 Day 65 S:   We had an off day today.  Though, I can’t complain since I got to sleep later than I’ve been able to in two months.   There were no catches last night and no catches until midday and even then it was only two small wees.  I was just kind of out of sync and his elimination pattern is shifting.   Little Moose didn’t poop at all today until I put him in the Poop Chair so I could take a shower while Daddy Man entertained Itty Bitty.    Daddy Man didn’t believe me that the chair would guarantee a poop before I was done in the bathroom.

He should feel unworthy being in my presence and in awe of my awesome powers of prediction.

The misses were odd today, almost like Little Moose was having trouble relaxing.   He just had a big growth spurt and has gotten so much stronger in his core.  I know his bladder has grown, but I wonder if core strength affects sphincter control too.  Something to ponder anyway.     One of the misses I knew he had to go, and he was fussing.  He sat on my lap for a bit and then pushed himself up to stand (he likes to do that when being supported) and then peed.  Interesting.    He did it one other time too.  The other misses I just didn’t get in time after he roused from a nap, or Daddy Man happened to be holding him.


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