Month 3: Growing Together – Day 66

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Just Hangin'

4/29 Day 66 Su:  Last night I must have gotten three consecutive hours because I was really out of it the first time I woke up — several change outs.   Wake – change out –  nipple in mouth – sleep.  That was pretty much how long it took too.   We had a very busy day today, so other than a very nice wee right first thing in the morning we didn’t have any catches.   There was awareness that there was going to be an elimination event or reaction immediately after, however.   The poop today occured right after I had the though, “He seems awfully relaxed, I bet he’s going to p–.  Dammit…too late.”     This isn’t a step back.  We just don’t live naked in a jungle or near the sea, sometimes the best you can do is to communicate the best you can.   It’s not like using the prefold like a toilet, it merely holds what you don’t want to go on the floor or in the car seat.   In time, his bladder will get bigger and he’ll get stronger and he’ll be able to wait a little bit longer.   It is no different than at night when I am aware, but just don’t make it in time most of the time and he’s not strong enough to wait for me.    Tomorrow I will have him naked again most of the day.    Now that things are quiet and he is lying next to me, we had a very nice pee catch to end the day.

I have a link I want to share for those who haven’t seen it on the facebook page yet.  It is one of my favorite articles on EC written in 2004.   Decommissioning the Diaper:


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