Month 3: Growing Together – Day 67

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

4/30 Day 67 M:   Last night the Little Moose let me sleep for about 3 hours at one go, woke up with his Wee Willy Winkie straight up.  He had himself a nice pee as I held him in position and then nursed.  He didn’t want to nurse until he had an empty bladder.   After that he woke up every hour (he broke the seal I guess) to pee and nurse — though those times I woke up after he peed and just did a flat change-out while he nursed side lying.  I’m quite good at doing that with only one eye open and only lifting up part way so I don’t even really get “up” all the way.  Haha.   I use my daughter’s turtle star maker as my night light.     Thankfully it seems that he is officially done with pooping at night and very rarely has poop farts now.   I assume its because his sphincter has grown stronger because it certainly isn’t because he’s slowed down in milk consumption.

We had a good day of catches.   I got all the ones after waking (though sometimes he went a little as he woke up but we finished in the right place on cue), and we got a few at random times.  He’s getting better at holding and stopping for a short time when he sees that I’m trying to get him over the potty bowl.   The ones I missed completely were the pees he did the tines I put him down on the floor when he was content to flail his limbs and watch his sister.   I caught the poop today though!    He’s getting plenty of fat by the looks of it.    Oh, I also got peed on once.   I swear he had just had a HUGE wee on cue and  put him on my lap on a wee pad bare bum and 15 minutes later his pee shooter goes off with a small pee and he gets my pants!   Remember, its okay though — he’d already puked on my pants so its not like they weren’t going to be washed anyway!

Itty Bitty, as always, gets me prefolds as I need them and she helps me cue sometimes.   She’s quite efficient at getting on the toilet without a stool now and even puts her clothes back on 50% of the time.   It was funny, the other day she followed her daddy outside with just a shirt on.   Daddy Man said she came right back inside and put on underwear, pants, socks, and shoes.   Haha.  I guess her kibbles and bits didn’t like the chilly air very much that day.


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