Month 3: Growing Together – Day 69

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Big Sister helping out Little Brother test out the Baby Bjorn Little Potty

5/2 Day 69 W:    Today was a very good day indeed!    Last night was a change out, I even missed the big obvious wees because we all went to be extra late and had an extra hard time settling down.  Just one of those things.   One thing is for sure, the Moose will not settle to nurse if he’s soiled.   It’s “change me or I’ll shred your nipple.”        But once we got going we were on a catching roll.   Lots of wees and I knew there was a ticking poo bomb in the boy.   At around 11:30am the first poop he started a small amount in his diaper and I exclaimed, “EEK! WAIT!” and I guess he knew something was awry because he did indeed stop.  I held him over our potty container and he hung out there relaxing for a few minutes as I waited.  And boy…once he started it was crazy.   The poop came out in three waves over the course of five minutes.  Thick, yellow-orange, and copious.   I mean really.  It was crazy.

I took a picture.

Is that weird?

It’s weird isn’t it.

Man, it was … you know… unbelievable and it was noteworthy.

It’d be gross to show the picture right?

There was like half an inch of poop in one of those short Chinese take-out plastic containers.    So you can get the visual in your head.

Anyway, thank goodness for EC because that would NOT have been fun to clean up.    His second poop was modest and we caught that later in the day and wasn’t nearly as interesting and it was done in one go.     When Daddy Man got home Moose had been eating non stop for an hour and so peed like crazy for the first 30 minutes of the hand off, had a giant poop that exploded out of the sumo prefold while I was at work.    He ate some more, then fell asleep for 3 1/2 hours I was told.    So I was home 30 minutes before I took him for a nice wee before we came to bed.   Itty Bitty was kind of stir crazy and Daddy Man was in a mood when I got home.

Time to turn in.  Nursing the baby, while drinking liquid therapy (slushie,  I know its bad bad bad), while Itty Bitty is playing with her Leap Pad behind me as I type up this blog.    Life is good…at least until I wake up tomorrow and find that the chores still need doing.  Ah well.

The poop picture thing is still weird, huh?


5 thoughts on “Month 3: Growing Together – Day 69

  1. I’ve totally taken pictures of my daughters poo! The first time I put her on the potty when she was 5 days old I took a picture and sent it to my family because I was so excited how much she went for the very first time!

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