Month 3: Growing Together – Day 70

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/3 Day 70 Th (10 Weeks):    Change out night (he will fuss until I wake up or fix the situation then has a good long nurse–I am now no-get-up a change out master!), but got a huge morning whizz when we got up.   I decided that Itty Bitty needed to get out of the house so we went to a local Science center.   Mini Moose peed every time he was in the car seat.

Before we left, I was going to pee him on a prefold in the car after taking him out of the wrap and removing the prefold from the belt, but he decided to pee in the parking lot instead.   Oh well!   It was raining and the place was closed, no one is likely to step in the pee puddle since no one is going to park there until tomorrow and it will have been washed away by then.   When we got home he was really fussy and we had two caught poops!  One fairly big and the other pretty modest.  One of the “after poo” pees I missed.

It seems like we missed all the little pee wees today, but got the big ones.  I’m counting the parking lot pee as a catch as my intention was clear, its just he let loose a little sooner than I expected.   Itty Bitty had trouble emptying her potty today with a messy poop;  it could have been worse…It messed up the toilet seat and not the floor!  And I just missed a wee wee as I typed this blog up.

So misses won out by a hair, but the catch victories were twice as sweet.


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