Month 3: Growing Together – Day 71

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/4 Day 71 F:    All the poops are belong to me!     That’s right.  Got. them.all.    Mini Moose took advantage of potty position on three separate occasions today to release the goop.    Hooray!    Any time you don’t have to clean poop off off baby bits is a cause for celebration.   Itty Bitty even had claps and a “good job baby”  for one of them.    Anyway, last night was change out, but from the time we got up until late afternoon we caught all the pees — the big and the small.  Then we got a bit off track her and there, but I’d say the catch rate was 70-40 in favor of the catches.     I confirm this by noting that I’ve been doing diaper laundry every other day instead of daily and I don’t have to origami fold my stash of flats every night, its now every two nights!

Daddy Man even said that he bragged today to his co-workers that I’ve been getting 50% catches.   He had such a proud and enjoyed shocking them.   *sniffle*  It made me feel all special and proud too.   The other day we noticed just how strong this little Moose is as he was on Daddy’s chest and was pushing up with his forearms for a better view.   He holds his head up so well and can do the breast crawl like an Olympic simmer.  I can’t believe how fast babies grow in such a short time.     Itty Bitty is behind me right now playing with her Leap Pad again.  She’s only had it since christmas and can already trace all the Alphabet letters.  When she traced the first one on her own (and they aren’t easy)  in January I was flabbergasted, and now she can do nearly all of them.  Even the S!  I have a hard time with the S.

Even when we have a really hard day and I am about to lose my mind, EC victories give a glimmer of glee and watching Itty Bitty learn new things diffuses the irritations of the day.     Last night as I watched her nurse after being irritated that I couldn’t get a moments peace to myself, nature was kind enough to give me a rush of love hormone and I realized just how short her babyhood is and how I’m going to miss it.


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