Month 3: Growing Together – Day 72

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/5 Day 72 S:   Pretty routine today.  Got a big before bed wee last night, then it was change outs.   Caught several wee after we got up for the day and then we were out and didn’t get any due to timing and driving.    Then I tried to take a nap because I was so tired.  We had a hard time settling last night and the two of them were tag teaming me with their needs.   Of course, when a daddy needs to take a nape he gets three uninterrupted hours, when a mommy needs a nap she gets 45 minutes before the daddy is waking her up to ask what to feed the toddler.  He’s lucky he’s still alive with intact gonads.    Itty was over tired, baby is always wanting boob, and mommy still needs a nap dammit!   Of course, now everyone is passed out except for me.  Itty Bitty is buck naked and zonked out on the wrong end of the bed, the baby is finally asleep in a spit up crusted onesie, Daddy Man is downstairs having a cocktail that I need more than him, and as for me I am now wired up from being over tired.

Somewhere the fates are cackling in some sort of twisted delight.


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