Month 3: Growing Together – Day 74

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The Poop Chair Strikes Again

5/7 Day 74 M:   We had a typical night and a slow start to the morning, but we did pretty well in the afternoon with catches.  That is until…The Poop Chair.   I put him in the chair so that I could put some things in the oven.  He’s been so alert the last three days and has enjoyed looking at dangling toys, so I thought it would be good.   I joked with my husband when he called me that if I didn’t hurry back the poo bomb might go off.      If that wasn’t a portend I don’t know what is!    So, mocking the Fates, I walked past baby and chair to my computer. He looked so pleased and was making a ruckus by kicking his feet.  So I decided to surf the net unfettered for a bit.

Then the activity abruptly stopped.

Then I thought…he looks awfully relax–


Oh crap!    Waiiiiiiit!

Curses!   Too late.    I should have picked him up as soon as I got back in the room instead of mucking about.   I realized just how spoiled I’ve become because I didn’t relish cleaning the bright orange runny poop off his thigh, leg, foot,leg crease, butt, testicles (he was hot so they were pretty low and floppy), and penis.   It wasn’t as much as I expected after two days of no poop, but he was more interested in nursing than finishing.

We had lots of change out wees after that.  I guess I was just off kilter.     I had to go to work so I missed poo bomb number two.   Daddy Man was heating up food for Itty Bitty and he said he only put him in the chair “for a minute” and he heard from he kitchen “brrrrbbbthhh brrbbbthhhpt  brrrrrrrrrrbbbt”.       He asked Itty Bitty, “Oh no.  Did the baby poop?”    She grinned, “The baby POOPED!”    He said it was down his leg and all over.    Mini Moose apparently was so elated that he wanted to be left naked and kept stiffening his legs in protest of a new covering, too.    He fell asleep with a full belly on Daddy Man.  Then, I’m told, he shimmied off of the wee pad on Daddy Man’s chest and wee’d on his shirt.  Daddy Man said, “As I was sitting there wet I was thinking that I didn’t want to move and wake him up more, and then I thought that it seemed like a warning pee… and just as I thought that he let loose the real pee!”  Daddy Man isn’t inclined to take the baby to pee, but even he can’t help notice the signals now!

I guess we both are learning valuable lessons!

We had a good before-bed wee and we will see what tomorrow brings.


2 thoughts on “Month 3: Growing Together – Day 74

  1. Hahaha. This is a funny one – love the poop chair! You are not the only one who missed the poop today. My girls weekly one happened in the car…

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