Month 3: Growing Together – Day 75

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/8 Day 75 T:  Today brought a mega poop catch at noon!   It took the boy a good five minutes of relaxation and five minutes of pooping to be satisfied.   I am so happy I didn’t have to clean that off his body!   The night was a change out, though we got a big before-bed wee and a huge before-up for the day wee.   I missed several after that because I put him on the floor with wee wee blanket and he had a good time having little sprinkles.   I got all of the after nap pees, and I’ve learned that just because his eyes are closed doesn’t mean he is still sleeping.   If he wakes up he needs too pee, period.    One big one almost got away from me completely because I hesitated (a little squirt missed the bowl).    We used the same nappy/flat all afternoon until evening when Daddy Man took him while I went to work for a couple of hours.

Last week Daddy Man realized he could no longer use the snappy with the current prefolds and has to use the belt or a flat.    We aren’t using covers at all except for going out.   With Itty Bitty I was using a cover almost always at this point.   I tend to leave Mini Moose free for a time every day, but Daddy Man is a chicken!   I like the horrified look on his face when I hand him a nude boy.

Today, I want to add a link to an EC post that I feel really demonstrates the comforting dignity EC can give to the little ones.   It can really change how you respond to situations in a new way (it doesn’t take more time, only different thought)  if you let go of the notion of diapers as toilets, but instead toilet the baby.     Raising Crunchy Kids:   EC and Teething:  Don’t Stress


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