Month 3: Growing Together – Day 77

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/10 Day 77 R (11 Weeks):  Chair 3.  Mommy 0.      Okay, so after I got through with my Akk! and Nooo! and Seriously, again!?   I took a long hard look at the Poop Chair and told myself it’s only natural.   He pees in the car seat because it feels like potty position, he poops in the Poop Chair because he is reclined and comfortable, and he whizzes happily when unfettered on the floor because isn’t there where Ancient Baby did it — only on the ground.   Whenever I put him down, he takes the opportunity to eliminate because it isn’t his bed and isn’t on me.   I’ve noticed that he gets distressed if he wets a flat when in bed (the nest) but does not produce the same distress sounds when he wees while on the floor.  He does move away from the wetness.     So for him, he is following his instincts, “try not to eliminate in the nest or on mommy, but if it happens make lots of noise.”

Maybe its just me, but that’s how I am seeing it.     I just need to remember to watch and listen for the extreme relaxation in the Poop Chair especially if close to his poop time and to just continue to use a wee wee mat on the floor if I can’t pay attention to the Winkie Warning.

As for the pees we caught some and missed some, mostly the micro pees were missed but big pees were caught.    Tomorrow I must find the source of the truck stop smell in the bathroom.  I think Itty Bitty had a potty spillage incident that neither of us noticed.     It can be hard some days to find patience to attend to Itty Bitty but we are almost over the 3 month hurdle and we should have a breather very soon.    I need some time to recharge.    I put her to bed first tonight so she could nurse…she suckled until the nipple was white, sheesh…with some grumpiness over her overtired crazy and my short tempered whining.     I kissed her sweet face and then had the boobie baby on me like a Hoover.   They are both asleep now in our family bed and I’m ready to get my too short sleep span.

I am going to miss this one day…complaints and all.


One thought on “Month 3: Growing Together – Day 77

  1. Baby girl is very similar to Mini moose in that on me or in the bed she makes a big fuss before she pees, but on the floor I almost always miss – but I do hear about it afterwards! Hope its all going well 🙂

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