Month 3: Growing Together – Day 78

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

5/11 Day 78 F:   Pretty typical night and a slow start to the day, however, four (count ’em … FOUR) poops caught.   Pause a moment for a victory dance.    During a smiling and giggle session a small poop was missed. I don’t know why this boy’s smiles and giggles are linked with farting and pooping.    Over the past weeks he’s been smiling and making those proto giggles more and more and I love them, but its like handling an old grenade.  It’s very unstable and you don’t know when it is going to go off no matter how innocuous it might look.

We had some errands to do today and Mini Moose slept through all the in and out of car seat, in and out of mei tai shuffling.  He was also dry the whole two hours and had a huge pee when we got home.   I was sure he was going to be soaked and it was a pleasant surprise.    I don’t expect it to happen every time, but it is just a reminder that he is growing and his control and capacity is expanding too.

Pity party time.   I worry sometimes that I don’t smile at Mini Moose  enough.   His face is always in my breast, yes, but I don’t feel as jovial as I did with Itty Bitty and I’m afraid I don’t smile as much and thus he doesn’t smile as readily as Itty Bitty did.    Perhaps it is silly, but I think still worth thinking about because children deserve to see happiness and we deserve to feel it.     I get overwhelmed when I can’t seem to catch up to the chores (I feel like Sisyphus doing the same chore day in and day out and never getting anywhere), I feel terrible when I am short tempered with Itty Bitty, and I just wish I had some sisters at arms living with me so we could share in the chore drudgery and just talk and make each other laugh.       I’ve been raising my voice a lot when Itty Bitty is doing maddening things simply because she’s stir crazy or wants attention.  I apologize, and tell her that mommy shouldn’t yell,  but you can’t take it back once it is done.      Daddy Man tries to comfort by saying “its okay” that I didn’t get to finish the laundry…again.  But I just wish he’d DO the laundry without me asking, and when he does it to actually finish it, and do just be more thoughtful about the things he doesn’t see like the full dish washer.



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