Month 3: Growing Together – Day 82

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Hangin’ out on the floor just before peeing on mommy’s butt.

5/15 Day 82 T:   Poopageddon.    Mini Moose pooped FIVE times today and I missed every single one.     The first one was in the

morning just before we got up for the day.  He hasn’t pooped in the morning for quite a while so I was attending to Itty Bitty with confidence and then returned to see a smiling baby with a poopy flat.     Okay, unexpected.      Early in the afternoon he had some gas but seemed to be having a little trouble relaxing and even though he was content, after ten minutes of holding him on his pot I decided to try again later and put his prefold and belt back on and he sat happily on my lap watching his sister.   He relaxed and I didn’t process.  brrroooPPP.     Rapid expulsion.   I’m not sure if he meant to poop or just release gas.   Then I didn’t want to wear him just to go down to the cellar for laundry so I  put him in The Poop Chair.    I come back to a cooing pooper.   That one too looked like it exited with gas power.     I figured all was okay.  I peed him and put him on the floor with prefold while I swept up.  He was happy and I then decided to play a bit with Itty Bitty with a puzzle.  I squat down and suddenly my butt is wet!    The little bugger kicked off his prefold, felt the breeze of freedom, aimed, and fired at my rear.   He was flailing about very happily.     We got several good pee catches and then I put him in the Poop  Chair to watch his sister while I got lunch.  When I look at him next he looks way too happy.  Yep, poop.      We caught some more pees but missed another unexpected poop as he sat on my lap early in the evening.      Whew!


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