Month 3: Growing Together – Day 83

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 3:  Traveling and Night Pottying

Rockin’ One Arm Potty Hold on Couch

5/16 Day 83 T:   No poop today, I guess the little guy is finally empty!    We had a typical night that started with catching two big before bed wee-wees and then a few change outs.   We got a wake up pee, a big after nursing pee, and we got a pee in the toilet even after a wet prefold during a mom’s meet up playgroup where he was in a Mei Tai napping the whole time while Itty Bitty played!    It’s not often I get a toilet pee because our toilet is so close to the wall and it’s harder for me to be comfortable.  However, he released right away and seemed happy for it.   He stayed dry in the car seat twice and peed again when we got home.  After that, we missed a lot of little pees including one where I had the thought, “I think he needs to pee” and just as I finished the thought he soaked through the prefold onto my hand.   I then forgot to pee him after a good nurse and nap before I handed him to Daddy Man because I was so focused on the long, hot shower I was planning on taking.  Oops.


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