Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 84

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Thumbs up for Effort!

5/17 Day 84 Th (Week 12): My little peanut is now three months old and we now enter the start of another month.   I still can’t get over at how fast it goes!   I am both sad and relieved that the hardest three months has been survived — mostly sad–with one last big spurt to go before a short reprieve.   Anyway, we started with two successful early night catches. The number of change outs is a 1/3 of what it was three months ago so his capacity has definitely matured.   We get smiles and more sophisticated giggles every day now too.   We had a good morning of two very big pees then a series of misses, including a modest poop.   Two of the pee misses were on the floor.  I am now convinced that he deliberately kicks his legs until the prefold becomes undone and then whizzes immediately in an arc like a fountain.  He gets very excited.  Who wouldn’t be when the pee stays off of you in an attractive stream?  Hah.

The trouble started when Itty Bitty wanted a nurse and nap but I was dealing with a fussy baby.   I still can’t nurse them at the same time without feeling unsettled.  Something about the double latch of two different suckling patterns just drives me mad and I can’t get through it.  I have to nurse them one at a time.   I hope that one day that will change.   Anyway, she got overtired and spiraled out and I went along for the ride.  By the time Daddy Man got home I was spent and Itty Bitty was her alter ego Destructo Girl.  Oi.

I left them both alone with Daddy Man while I was cleaning the kitchen (finally alone to decompress)  and a smell came wafting. I identified it as “messy poo” of the Itty Bitty variety.  Particularly foul on this occasion.    She was in the bathroom and usually chooses to messy poo in the toilet.  This time she chose the potty which is fine, but she emptied it.    Normally that’s not a problem, she’s been doing that a long time and is very good at it and rarely spills any more — perhaps a few drops on the seat that I have to wipe if she doesn’t see it.    She’s very careful and proud of this ability.  But messy poop is sneaky!   She thinks the potty is empty when it isn’t and it plops onto the floor as it comes unstuck.  She tried to clean it.   Again, normally if i see the potential for disaster I give instructions to wait or to cease and desist if there is escapage.   Daddy Man couldn’t see from his vantage point and he was trapped by Mini Moose. I go in thinking it’s a little poop schmear on the toilet seat and see it smashed into the tile and grout on my recently hand scrubbed (no, I’m not Donna Reed, it’s a really  tiny room) bathroom floor and half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet (she tried really hard to clean it).

It was the end of a very trying evening. I had to take a moment and sob a little bit.      It would have been easier for me if she hadn’t been Destructo Girl and kept trying to “help”, get my attention, climb on my back, and otherwise be nuisance while I cleaned up the reeking mash.    She was trying to comfort me as well, and all I wanted to do was throw myself on the floor and have a good tantrum — I would have drowned myself in a chocolate cream pie too if one were available.      I didn’t yell, but I also wasn’t being nice over her Destructo Behavior in between bouts of toddler affection.        She had a good long nurse though, so we made up.

There is always new life after a disaster too.   When I told Daddy Man, “He’s waking up, he’s going to pee in a few seconds.”   He actually heeded my words and took Mini Moose to pee in the sink!    Swoon!


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