Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 85

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Prefold on Grass

5/18 Day 85 F: We had a very busy day!   We had an unusual 9am poo that was totally unforeseen and then big hits and little pee misses in the morning.   Itty Bitty needed some shorts (we have plenty of summer shirt wear and I bought beach attire last year for a song) for the summer so we went to the mall.   Score!   Mini Moose was dry for the car trip, an hour of shopping (great deals $2.99 for shirts and onesies for him and $5 shorts for her with 20% off the whole order!  Even better, Itty Bitty will likely be in those shorts next year too!   Yeah for EC diaperless butts!).    Once we got back to the car and I took Moose out of the Mei Tai I just knew he had to pee, so I pulled down the prefold from the belt and just as I was about to get him to an appropriate spot he whizzed right beside the car.  I count that as a catch even though I had to pour a bottle of water on the puddle to rinse it away.      Again, he stayed dry for the car trip, a food shopping trip, and a good watering of the grass at the side of the house when we got back.      As long as he is in arms, I’m okay with an occasional outside pee as long as I can wash it away or gutter it.

We spend the rest of the late afternoon and evening in the back yard after Daddy Man cut the grass.     I decided to leave Moose bare because he usually pees one after the other around early evening.   I decided to experiment and see if I could anticipate the pee but just watch.    I noted that whenever I had an thought about pee, a moment later I saw the fountain arc.   So even when you aren’t being active in EC your instincts do work.      We had an unexpected poop 2 as I was holding him up later for a pottytunity beside my lawn chair after a long nurse.  He had his pee and I just held them there for a minute just relaxing and he pooped.  Oops.   I used the hose to rinse it right away.  No harm, the grass got a little fertilizer in that spot.  After that I put a prefold on the ground for a potty spot so I could be free, but feel more sanitary.  Worked really well since one holds a lit and it isn’t on skin.   Sanitation simplicity.


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