Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 86

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

5/19 Day 86 S:   Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, I’d say with a 60:40 catch rate in favor of the catches.  No poop deployment so we have ourselves a ticking poo bomb.      We were outside just about the whole day and Mini Moose was unfettered flowing in the breeze quite a bit of the time except when on my lap  to nurse I draped a prefold.   He had one particularly long nap where he stirred, kept his eyes closed and had a small wee, then stirred a minute later with eyes still closed and had a very very long pee!    So, now I know that he does definitely give warning pees at night, but I am missing them before he lets loose which means I do change outs.    After he emptied his bladder he went right back to sleep.  It’s amazing the things you notice when you just take a moment to watch.

Mini Moose almost managed to turn over too.  He was all the way on his right side and had he pushed a little harder he would have gone over.

Poor Itty Bitty has some nasty allergy to something, here eyes are watery and her nose is a dripping faucet of snot.    She was better in the afternoon, but just like myself and Daddy Man, if there happens to be something in the air that day it is worst in the morning and evening and we are perfectly unaffected during most of the day.  Bizzarro.


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