Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 87

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Almost got it!

5/20 Day 87 Su:  Not much to report today (still a 60:40 catch rate in favor of catches), he stayed dry in the carseat for our errand, and  it is day two of no poop.  Oh dear! We spent a lot of time outside yesterday and I set up a mud pie station for Itty Bitty with a $1.60 bag of potting soil, an old planter box,  an empty jardineer, hose on soaker mode, and tools and containers we had lying around.   I had to show her how ro make a pie instead of muddy water and she got excited.  She even cleaned up her hands when she was done.

Meanwhile, Mini Moose is well on his way to turning over, I suspect he will roll to his right.  He’s got the foot push and back arch down pat.   For anyone who agonizes over a baby who hates “tummy time” — don’t.   A baby who is carried upright in a carrier, or in arms, and has unrestricted movement on the ground and doesn’t spend too many hours in “baby containers” (rockers like the infamous Poop Chair, infant car seats, bouncers, bumbos, bucket style carriers, swings, etc.)  develops a strong core without being on their belly‘s which can be very uncomfortable when they aren’t strong enough.   Being diaper free also gives them free range of movement because there is no bulk keeping their legs far apart and no padding on the butt keeping them off the floor–so rolling behavior is easier.

The Case Against Tummy Time


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