Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 90

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Can’t bring nature inside, but you can mimic nature in the home with a prefold set on the floor, in a potty bowl to prevent spills, or even on the bottom of a bigger, low side, square tupperware to give a wide berth for the “hose” and keep the furbabies from stepping in it.

5/23 Day 90 W:   Mini Moose has most definitely changed frequency pattern.   He’s about 12 lbs now so this is not unexpected.  The insides grow just as much as the outside.  We had mostly misses today and no poops were deployed at all, but we still caught a handful of pees.  I am totally misjudging timing and my intuition hasn’t been recalibrated yet.

Daddy Man stayed home today to take Itty Bitty out of the house.  She really needed some one on one attention and an outlet for her energy.  Of course, I wished I had been the one to be able to go out!    I just want to go out one day and come home and find all the laundry done and put away, the dusting  finished, and the floors swept.   A woman can dream right?   Hey, at least I got a few hours of quiet to re-center.  Mini Moose even let me put him down so he could practice side rolling while I picked up a few things and started laundry.

Daddy Man made homemade french bread pizza on the grill, burned it bit, but managed to save it.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a sore throat and runny nose.   Darn kids are like petri dishes! 🙂


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