Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 91

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

5/24 Day 91 Th (Week 13):   Woke up today with a sore throat, but I think that’s because I was sleeping with my mouth open and not because I’m sick.  Thank goodness.    We had a change out night as usual.   I’m confident, however, that once Mini Moose grows a little bigger and can wait a little longer, we will be able to coordinate waking me up in time to go potty.   These things take time and sometimes you just have to observe and bide your time until you can meet in the middle.   This isn’t giving up on night EC, this is just working with the response time as best as I can.    Some nights we do click!    We had a lot of success when we got up for the day and even caught the poop and major pees.     I’ve been having Itty Bitty empty the baby’s potty bowl and she does a really good job, sometimes I have to tell her that it is okay if she feels the bowl isn’t rinsed clean enough for her liking.       I am trying my best to make her part of the process.

I gave her some play dough I forgot I had gotten for her birthday to replace the homemade dough that didn’t survive the summer.   I found it rather messier than my homemade dough, but it kept her occupied for a long time.   She was even silent for fifteen minutes!    Later I made her some Cloud Dough (which I messed up by adding too much oil — how tired do you have to be to mess up a two ingredient recipe?)    I am glad I laid down a sheet because it was a bit messy.

When Daddy Man got home we went for a long walk and Mini Moose stayed dry the whole time in the wrap (I peed him before we left) and when we returned I peed him in some weeds near the house and he had three whizzes.  I think he noticed that he was producing the stream and was watching it.   We ran an errand and he stayed dry in the carseat going and returning and peed in the weeds again before we went in the house.   With any luck the weeds will croak, right?      We had a miss before bed, but catches definitely won out and I am working out how long Mini Moose can now wait to wee with his new capacity.

Daddy Man was in awe of my flat changing talents, “How do you do that one handed on your lap!?” He asked me as I came out of a shower and the disgruntled Mini Moose was in a flat that was falling off because Daddy Man tried to copy my Lap Change Super Power.


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