Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 97

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

5/30 Day 97 W:    Oh, Shitake!         This miss of poop yesterday was nothing.    I mean, all I wanted to do was get Itty Bitty a quick breakfast.     I made sure the bladder was empty — sure  a few launched puddles got on the floor but I was going to steam it anyway, no big deal.      I wasn’t thinking about poop because Mini Moose doesn’t go every day anymore and so I…put him in…you know…the Poop Chair.

I know I know!   When am I going to learn?

He was so happy and content and smiling when I got back five minutes later.  Oh, man.    IKNEW it before I got close enough to see or smell it.     He smiled and giggled.   And he had that super duper cute face.   Crapadoodle.

“The baby pooped Mommy!”   Itty Bitty exclaimed pointing.

I just had him in the sumo prefold just to keep any pee from flying across the room (I always line the chair with a blanket or flat as a precaution thank goodness.)     This expulsion copious, bright orange, and just all over his butt, his family jewels, down his leg and on his right foot.    I’m surprised he didn’t launch himself out of the chair from the force of it.    It took three hefty cloth wipes to clean it up and one more for a final pass.     Eww!      I know he’s only doing what is natural…comfortable and not on mommy…it is safe and he feels like he should take advantage of this poo-ticular moment.

Little stinker.

On a catchier note.  We went to a play group and he stayed dry in the carseat the whole trip and when we arrived he wee’d a little before I had a chance to get to the bathroom, but then he had a nice pee in the toilet.      The rest of our hit miss ratio was pretty typical with more catches than misses on the pee front.

Itty Bitty had a funny incident.  She was in a skirt and often she ends up taking off her underwear and being commando under it.   Well, tonight she forgot she was still wearing underwear.   She’d been morphing into her alter ego Destructo Girl who tends to be a bit scatterbrained and Tasmanian tornado, so I had said, “You know, it’s been a while since you went potty.”   She looked at me, nodded, and then trotted to the bathroom and decided to use the little potty.  Well, it didn’t go well.  I didn’t notice until she decided to splash her feet in it.   I was very cross about that (the splashing, not the wardrobe malfunction) and let her know it in a firm voice, “Hey, we don’t do that!  You know better!   Get a diaper and clean it up.”      I didn’t get up to help, but I gave guidance.    She cleaned her feet and the puddle with a diaper, put the soiled cloth in the pail as directed, put her underwear in the hamper, washed her hands when I reminded her, and turned off the light.      I told her, “I know you forgot you had on underwear.  You worked hard to get that all clean and washed your hands.”  She asked for a fist bump (it’s like a thumbs up).   That was that.        Later, I wiped the floor down with a homemade cleaner to sanitize it.


2 thoughts on “Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 97

  1. Ahhhh—the misses. We were doing so well and then we went on vacation and Ben (my son who’s about the same age as Mini Moose) and I got off kilter. I’ve missed lots of poos and lots of wees–caught a few, and still giving pottytunities–but it’s frustrating. Is it because I haven’t “gone all in”? He’s in a prefold with cover most the time. He doesn’t wake up at night so we don’t do a wee, and when he starts rustling in the morning I’m usually too groggy to make it in time. Grrr….He also fusses a lot with how I’ve been holding him on the potty lately–he rarely seems comfortable or content. What’s the deal?

    • Hi! I know it can be frustrating. I do find that it is easier for me to react quickly after a miss if there is no cover, so I do not use a cover indoors — just a prefold and belt. And I use a cover only when we go out. I try to potty right after a wake up (got to remember though that they don’t always open their eyes!), after a long nurse (how my boy suckles is completely different when he needs to pee), before we go out and after I take him out of the carseat, and right after I take him out of the wrap. I usually have phenomenal success when I wear him while doing chores. Maybe I keep looking for breaks and it’s a pattern I’m unaware of but one that he knows? LOL Oh, I also try to offer even if a prefold is wet, When forget he inevitably pees a few moments later…I kick myself when I forget!

      I am really groggy at morning too so I usually miss those, the important thing is that he wiggles and kicks me 🙂 with my DD it was easier because I had her bare more often, but the boy hose is very upredictable! We get better and better. I sometimes get the ones I usually miss and he continues to signal me — so one day it is just going to mesh when he can wait just a little bit longer.

      Being uncomfortable…yes. As they get bigger and heavier and the size of their limbs change the hanging potty position gets uncomfortable. I don’t pee him the same way for this reason. I do potty position, supported feet, resting bottom, support on my thighs, and even support on my forearms. I don’t want him to only go one way and I want to find the most comfortable position for us both. I also notice that if his bladder isn’t full enough and he can’t release right away he fusses to tell me ‘no’ in his way. If his bladder IS very full but he’s not ready to go (hungry for example and uncomfortable at the same time) I’ll stop and try again in a few minutes. He’s just trying to convey his thoughts to the one person who is listening 🙂

      Pretty much I wing it 🙂

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