Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 99

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

6/1 Day 99 F:    Today was your typical day as usual.  We had a good catch last night (so glad because it was big wee wee), then change outs, a fairly good morning (I even got two of the wees I usually miss because he has that hour where he pees every 20 minutes for an hour).   Dry carseat trip and a good whizzer on cue when we got back from a short errand — I was flabbergasted as I as sure he was going to be soaked by the time I got a chance to get him.    We had our daily unfettered winky time that went well until I was typing up a blog response and got my feet peed on.   Nothing says, “Get off the computer Momma!” like warm pee on bare toes.

I was waiting for that poop all day long (no, I wasn’t watching him like a hawk…I was just hyper aware as I went about my business.)

He had a small poo in the morning that I missed when I went to the bathroom and left him in bed after he had a nice pee.    But I knew there was another in there.   Well, I put him on the play mat on the floor so that I could eat with two hands and have a Mommy moment around 7:00pm.   He was having a good limb flailing time, turning, cooing, and making a ruckus.   And I watched him for a while and then kind of just let my mind wander.   I didn’t notice the halt of activity.

I heard it halfway through eating.


Crap 2.  Mommy 0.


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