Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 102

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

6/4 Day 102 M:    To those who don’t EC it must seem like with all the misses that this diaper free business isn’t working despite the fact that my diaper laundry is half  to a third of what it would be otherwise.   I write about my daily misses so that others can see that missing doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.  What is important is the response!   (If I’d EC’d other peoples babies from childhood into adulthood, or was on baby three or four, I’d have a higher catch rate from the start, but that’s not the culture I live in!)

There is also a lot that you learn about babies when you are aware of communication patterns you would normally be unaware of.   For example, when I wear Mini Moose in a wrap like a Mei Tai he will stay dry up to 90 minutes (that’s his holding limit right now) — a little longer if he is in a deep sleep, and pees immediately when I take him off and hold him in position.  I’ve also gotten good at informing Daddy Man of imminent pees even if he doesn’t take action, “He’s going to pee again big in about 15 minutes.”      If I place him on the floor/ground naked, he pees almost immediately and then every 15 to 20 minutes but won’t complain since the pee shoots away from him, if he is in diaper he fusses until I take care of the soggy cloth (it is always warm when I get to it).       He is only doing what comes natural when he’s on the ground.  He’s got an innate desire to not soil a person if he can help it, but the ground is free territory.   I am convinced it is instinct driving the floor pee and it is fascinating to me!   Babies are so aware of their surroundings.

EC is working!   It’s just that most people tend to look at an end goal, rather than the journey.

“But aren’t you working towards a goal?”    Well, not exactly.    I have expectations that every day we will improve  our catch rate as he grows and develops, because my actions are showing him where and when to toilet.


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