Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 103

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Last “hurrah” for the tiny prefolds; time for the next size.

6/5 Day 103 T:  Day 3 of no poop.  Oh, my!    I hope I catch it.    It was a weird day as far as catches.   I took Itty Bitty to blow off some energy in an indoor play gym (rainy all week) and Moose stayed dry the whole car trip plus 30 minutes upon arrival.  I suddenly realized I hadn’t peed him on arrival even though Itty Bitty did her normal pitstop.   I was sure he would be wet,but nope!   I took him to wee in the bathroom — it took him about 0 seconds to relax. and have a long release.    We repeated this feat after we got home.   After that I kept missing. I’d get the easy wake up pee, but not the in-betweens.

Itty Bitty says, “weasaftdaday!”     Which in English means “We will save the day.”   (It took 40 minutes of intensive audio research to figure that one out!)     Indeed, we will persevere…

Anyway, Daniella from the facebook Diaper Free Baby Group shared this awesome video about the universal reflex words all newborn babies speak regardless of mother language, gender, or ethnic group.    I recognized all the sounds, but it was an eye opening and validating experience to have someone put into words what my brain was doing unconsciously.  It is a must watch and share!



4 thoughts on “Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 103

  1. I totally know what you mean about them sometimes hilding it for a super long time! We had lots of times when our daughter was less than 2 months old and she would hold it for more tan an hour in the car. She continues to astound me every day!

    Thanks so much for the video link, it was awesome! Too bad our daughter is already a bit older and her sounds are changing. (she’s about the same age as mini moose)

  2. Thanks for sharing the video! Even at 5 1/2 mo My little dove is making a lot of those noises. Its so fascinating. A good reminder of how much we should be listening to our little ones.

  3. This video was a gamechanger! Thank you so much for posting it! During the video my newborn was saying Neh! and so I finally understood she’s hungry! After I burped her. But she still made the eh sounds so I picked her back up and wouldn’t you know, she burped one last time!

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