Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 104

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Sibling Love

6/6 Day 104 W: Today was poop day and I caught it this evening.   As I predicted to Daddy Man a few minutes before deployment, it came in three waves.   It was thick and copious and…I am SO glad I didn’t have to scrape it off of Mini Moose!     The pee misses were fifty fifty as is our current routine.  The larger prefolds are “too big” for my tastes, but the premie size ones do not cover the Butterball’s rear end and keeps falling out of the prefold belt because there is no longer enough length.   It is harder to detect wetness immediately because the larger ones are thicker as well as larger.  I think the premies are 3 – 6 – 3 and the large ones are 4 – 8 -4.

Itty Bitty had a gigantic miss today.  The thing is she was in the bathroom in the middle of getting on the toilet when the sphincter let go on her!    She removed her underwear, got in the tub, and called me.    The girl can hold  a lot of pee, but at least it was in the bathroom and she remembered not to wade through it like a creek.     What can you do except be a little cross about waiting too long, but also be so pleased that she followed a planned protocol all her own!     If I hadn’t been so tired and on my last nerve, I would have been much less annoyed at clean up!    Isolation can do that, because if another adult were around to take it all in with me, I would have been chest puffing and bragging while sopping up mega pee with a smile.

With Mini Moose getting more wakeful and interactive every day it is getting harder to get one on one time with Itty Bitty.   I didn’t get a chance until 11:15pm, she nursed for 30 minutes and then fell asleep.   Yeah, if I let her she’d stay latched indefinitely.  She’s never been the “let go” type!  No 5k for Itty Bitty, it’s marathon all the way.  Mini Moose is a long nurser too, but he does let go long enough for it to be considered a new nursing session!


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