Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 105

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

No need for structured “belly time”. Put them on the floor and they just do it when they can!

6/7 Day 105 R (Week 15):      So yesterday I forgot to mention that in the evening Mini Moose was on the floor and rolled as he normally has been doing since he discovered he could and got his right arm stuck again.   He grunted and grunted and groaned and grunted until he worked that arm out.   He then pushed up on both arms and looked proud.   He spent a good amount of time doing push ups and…leg up.   I wish my torso was that strong!   He was able to lift his back legs off the floor while on the belly so high that only his chest and head were on the floor with his lower body floating in space!

Today, every time I put him on the floor he immediately rolled over rarely getting that arm stuck and even rolling back (a trick he learned by one arm getting tired the day after he first got all the way over on his belly and accidentally flipping him back onto his back).    As I expected, however, this new milestone resulted in some “belly pee”  and two  “push-up poops”.     His sphincter muscles are not as strong as his core and he’s not used to having to hold them closed while doing a bell roll (bladder squish wee wee) or wiggles/pushups which results in farting which leads to pooping (grunt induced crap).       He got distressed the times it happened though because he couldn’t get away from his own mess.

Everything else was pretty normal (except I had butter fingers and dropped the potty bowl twice with pee in it!).  We got lots of pee and also missed a few.   Last night was an epic pee event — I haven’t done a change out that often in a long time and I didn’t catch any.  Not even the ones where I woke up and he was dry because he was hysterical for nursing — rooting like a mad man.   Latch = instant pee.    Hah.  We’ll get it, I’m not worried.

Daddy Man thinks I’m crazy for having him diaper free so much.  “But he likes to be free!”    I protest.    Daddy Man is just not as brave as me and usually he exclaims, “Agh!   He’s naked!  Why did you hand me a naked baby!”


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