Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 107

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Going commando in a onesie

6/9 Day 107 S:    Nothing extraordinary to report.  We were out most of the day, but Mini Moose stayed dry for all the car trips and we got two pees in the toilet at destination, several big after-nap wees at home, and only a couple of misses.   No poop deployed, just a few soggy toots.   Itty Bitty on the other hand made deposits four times today.    I can’t begin to explain how happy I am that I am not having to deal with that stinky sludge!

Mini Moose can roll quite easily when he is unencumbered, but if he has on the larger prefold, he can not roll all the way.  It keeps his legs too far apart and the bulk keeps him from feeling the floor with his bottom.

I don’t mind cleaning a little infant wee off the floor, it isn’t that much and as a bonus it ensures that I sweep and steam the floor every day to ensure it is nice and clean for him.      The floor is better than any baby gear out there.  I have a floor gym that was Itty Bitty’s, but they both prefer to move and grow bored with the toys quickly.   I’ve also  put my little butterball on grass (on a blanket or on a nice soft patch) and a brick patio (on a picnic blanket).   I like to watch my babies learn to move on different substrates.    Itty Bitty learned to crawl on sand!


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