Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 108

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Prefold to tame the Spigot during a nap. Pee is imminent upon waking!  Closed eyes do not mean a baby is actually asleep!

6/10 Day 108 Su:    Routine routine.   Nothing unexpected happened today.   We, of course, continue to have belly pee, belly toots, and we had one belly poop.    I deal with this rolling side effect in stride, because I know from experience that his sphincter will get stronger soon and he will have better control.    The grunts he makes when rolling, incidentally, are pretty much the same grunts he makes when he’s got gas.    This must be nature’s design.   I think that the rolling milestone, body core development, brain development is also connected to elimination development.   As his core abdominals develop, so does his sphincter, neck and arms.   If you’ve had a vaginal birth without an epidural you’ve felt this connection.  You can feel that the muscles that control your elimination needs are the same one you use to push voluntarily or involuntary.  It’s no coincidence that if you didn’t poop before giving birth, you will definitely poop after during!

An interesting question popped up in the diaper free facebook group today.   “When do you stop using the sink?   Won’t they develop a preference when they are too big for it?”

I don’t know about any one else.  But I stop using the sink for elimination after the “small infant” stage — around 5 months or so.  Pretty much, once the baby is not floppy and gets heavy, the sink becomes inconvenient to other vessels.    I also do not use any place for elimination after this stage that I do no want a participating baby or toddler to associate with toileting .   Thus, I do not use the bathtub, gutter, or weeds on my property after the in arms phase either.     Instead, I use the house toilet, a bjorn potty, a potty bowl, public restroom, and travel potty.    As toddlerhood approaches, toileting is then limited to location — so the bjorn potty and living room pottying is phased out and confined to the bathroom and bedroom (we do not have a second floor bathroom).    This all happens very gradually day by day.        Also notice, that I do not form a habit of going in only one place in only one way with the baby — that would be very inconvenient!  As the baby grows, how we potty changes!

For example, now that Mini Moose is 13 lbs I rarely use the sink and as a newborn I rarely used the toilet.   We still use the potty bowl, but now, I use the toilet and do trials with the bjorn potty so that I know when to phase it in.   This week the bjorn might still be uncomfortable for him, but next week that can easily change.   So I try it.   It can take several trials before we find a comfortable position for both of us.    When he starts to sit on his own confidently, I will gradually move further and further from the potty once he is sitting to give him a taste of autonomy, then he will stand on his own when he is done when he can, etc.     This is how it happened with Itty Bitty.


2 thoughts on “Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 108

  1. Ooh, I know what you mean! I’m phasing out sink peeing at the moment too – the 5mo is getting to heavy for it.
    I want to thank you for you encouragement with EC! I have just started to feel comfortable enough with both kids to EC while out now. Since the little one is a bit bigger now she is much more predictable and the potty in the car is really easy for her to use. We have just run out of disposables (we were given two packets) and I do not plan on buying anymore for the baby girl. (The 2yo is a different story, but we are getting there…) You are really inspiring with this completely counter cultural practice! ^_^

  2. I agree! Very inspiring! I think it’s time for me to phase out sink pottying too… My 4mo-old is nearly 20lbs…! I mostly use the big toilet, but she likes the sink better because of the mirror, so if she refuses the toilet I use the sink.

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