Month 4: You Catch Some You Miss Some – Day 109

Compare to Sister’s Blog  Month 4:  The Month of Misses

Toilet Potty Break at Grandmamas

6/9 Day 109 M:  Last night, Mini Moose woke up twice dry and had big wees.  This is progress even though I didn’t wake in time for the rest of the  night wee-nurse requests.   He enjoyed lots of floor time today,and of course this increases our misses — belly pee–even if we had a pee before I put him down.  He’s a pro at rolling from back to belly now, though going the reverse is still an accident–tired arms plusheavy head equals a force that cannot be stopped once it starts.

I put him on bare floor naked if I’m sure he is empty, I put him on wee wee pad when I know he’ll pee soon, and I put on a jellyroll fold prefold if he’s going to be there a while and I’m doing a chore.   Sometimes I put him on the play mat but, like his sister he prefers good old fashioned floor drooling and never stays where I put him.

I hope these daily notes help ECers plan for these misses and not think it’s a step back, but rather a “revving up” to new skills.   The in-arms stage is the ideal time to learn EC, if you ask me.    Mobility is limited and messes are still pretty small and super easy to clean even if missed.   You strive to catch what you can, half-catch if you must, contain what you can’t, and do it every day.   Establish strong toileting habits not a diapering habit.    Have bare time every day, several times a day.  Diapers you do use are like clothing, not toilets.  You’d never think to let a baby pee their cute pants on purpose if you can help it, so try to see your diapers the same way.    Free yourself to stop worrying about the floor or carpet — especially carpet — with planning.

You know, I’m not a fan of carpet.   Especially carpet and kid, and carpet and pets.    Daddy Man has it in his head to carpet the spare room when the bambinos are bigger and will sleep there.   Hell to the no!   Takes three times as long to vacuum than it does to microfiber-swiffer hardwood.   If he wants carpet HE can do the cleaning!   The House Harpy has spoken.


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