Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 113

Compare to Sister’s Blog Month 5:  We Have Mobility

6/15 Day 113 F:    I was inspired by this recent blog:  A Day in the Life of an EC Four Month Old  to do one day timeline.  Just to show how EC is just part of the every day hodge podge, just like diaper changes.    Where someone would take the time to change the diaper, a potty is offered instead and the clean up is pretty quick.    Each day is unique, but here is a snap shot of what happened today.  I violated my strict  “no clock watching” rule for the benefit of future ECers.  It’s a good rule and I won’t be doing this again!

We don’t always have such a rough morning, thank goodness.

Up for day–been awake really since 7:00am nursing and cat napping (I got to pee  alone!  Woke Daddy Man from his lumberjack sleep at 8:10. )   Came downstairs, put baby on living room floor with night flat to get breakfast for Itty Bitty.  Return to find wet flat.

I inhale my breakfast.  Fussy screetching.   Catch wee.   Nurse baby.

Nursing and note nipple grinding a second before missing the wee.    Get spit-up on.

On lap bare with draped prefold.   Missed nurse and wee while blogging this entry.  I note to wait until he’s asleep.

Very fussy baby.   Blurps twice on me.  I put him down to clean myself up and cries and he pees twice.

Baby still very crabby.  I pick him up and he pukes on me again.  I put him down and he stops fussing a mere moment and has a small wee again.  Resumes distressed cries.

Baby hysterical.   Glad I’m not dressed yet as I clean up more warm spit-up running down my thigh.  It’s never copious.  Just enough to be annoying.

Baby tries to nurse but is making gravely grunts.   Burping unsuccessful, but he is less mad being up on my shoulder.   He decides he wants to bounce up and down on my lap and stops fussing to smile and giggle.

Small blurpy spit-up.  Big smile.

I can feel gas rumbles in his belly and I hold him up to bounce as he wants.   He starts to fuss and the winkie looks loaded.   I’m on the couch.  I sit his buttocks on my bare thigh and pee him in a semi-stand as I have one hand supporting his chest and the other holding the bowl to catch the stream.   Mini Moose pukes and had a forceful wee at the same time.  I catch both.   He settles down for some quality babble and drool time, more bouncing and smiling.  Baby farts as Wild Kratts cartoon begins.  Itty Bitty is in the room the whole of the morning’s drama amusing herself while mommy holds onto shreds of sanity.

A moment’s peace.  Tired baby nurses–gets blasted by supercharged letdown.  I leak on myself.    Drat.  Itty Bitty is the only one dressed.   I’m still in the drool-puke crusted night wear I woke up with.

Mini Moose is asleep on my lap–flutter nursing–still naked with draped prefold.     I update this timeline blog on my laptop to make sense as I am not about to move.   I even send Itty Bitty to the refrigerator to get grapes for a snack so she stops making noises for no reason–she gets a portion and puts the rest of the bag back.      Wow.    No wonder I’m tired before noon!   Thankfully, not every morning is this rough.   I can see that it was an gastrointestinal issue making him tense and conflicted as to which end to address.

Baby wakes and we catch a pee.  Then he babbles and spits-up again. Resumes babbles.   I put him on the floor after cleaning him up and I throw in a load of laundry.

12:15 – 2:10
Got dressed; put a too small onesie on the Moose.   Ran errands.  Wore boy as usual in mei tai.    Offered pottytunity at first destination, but he didn’t need to go.   Nancy at the post office remembered Itty Bitty as the “baby with no diapers”.    Itty Bitty charmed a giant yellow shipping sticker from the gentleman at the counter — his first sticker fullfillment ever.   We made it back home dry.   He was asleep so I left the car doors open and I brought our bags in the house, just as I was getting ready to sweep the walkway he roused in the car.  I got him right away and offered a potty break at the side of the house because I didn’t think he’d make it to the bathroom.   He went in two waves.  Calmly nursed.  My outfit is still clean.   We have lunch.

Nursing pattern changes to grinding.  I lift him and he instantly burps like a lumberjack.   I offer a pee break (no deposit) before slinging him on my back.  Baby instantly asleep.

2:35 – 4:30
Cleaned up the disaster in front of the garage, swept, and hosed area.   Itty Bitty amused herself with  chalk and then the hose–spraying her feet seems to have her rapt attention. Baby dozed and stayed dry until 4:20 when he peed as I was taking him off my back.   I hadn’t felt him awaken right away so he’d likely already had waited a couple of minutes.  I’m fully aware that 2 hours is his max limit.  He’d been diaperless.  No big deal.  Honestly, I was filthy anyway from cleaning, the tails on my mei tai need a washing, and I’m already doing laundry.   A little wee on already dirty items is just redundant!  It probably was no bigger than 1/4 of a cup if that; not like the tall glass of urine Itty Bitty produces.   We came inside, I got the toddler in the house reluctantly, did a quick clean and by then the Moose was really hungry and was mad that his meal delivery was not prompt.  Itty Bitty wants cuddles and we watch a cartoon.

4:48 Phone rings, Itty Bitty (now totally nude) wants to get the phone but can’t find the phone, I give directions to where the phone is currently hiding, Itty Bitty misinterprets and goes the opposite direction, I get up to get the phone before Daddy Man finishes talking, chaos ensues as Itty Bitty gets mad and tries to pull down my pants with, “ME get it!  ME get it!”  as I try to have conversation and have Daddy Man repeat his 2 minute long message.    Moose by now has finished nursing and has his after meal pee into the prefold I have set loosely between his legs for just such an expected miss.   He smiles at the activity and begins to babble and cool happily at the tassels he’s grabbed on my shirt.  Itty Bitty and I grump at each other then she plays with some toys and brings me a few to play with.   I have her help, as usual, with fetching me cloths or emptying the potty bowl.

4:57 -6:00
I put Coo Baby on the floor on a wee pad.   I take a bare minute to dry mop the floor free of lunch crumbs and fur, then put wet laundry in drier, dirties in washer and heat up leftovers for dinner.   At 5:02 I walk by Mini Moose to get Itty Bitty some water.   At 5:03 my Mommy Sense tingles and I think, “He’s going to pee.”   I return to find that the bugger is off his wee pad and I am too late–it’s a small one though.      I try to chew my dinner but Moose is getting irritated with the lack of activity and mild mannered Itty Bitty has morphed into Destructo Girl.  Mr. Grumperton nurses, crabs, burps, nurses, crabs some more, weewee wiggles and we catch a pee.  Back to grumping.   I put him over my lap and stroke his back until he calms enough to want to nurse and nap.   Meanwhile Itty Bitty streaks by to the toilet for a big wee and messy poo in the nick of time — she practically leaped onto the toilet.

Baby out cold on my lap.  Itty Bitty busy cleaning her potty seat in the sink (there is a direct line of sight from living room to bathroom).

Daddy Man is home.  He brings me a Sprite.   Hearts.

6:30  I tell Daddy Man about my day and how I will never do this timeline project again!  It is too depressing to see where the day goes and how you can too easily see how much you do and yet feel unaccomplished!

6:50 – 7:26
Baby wakes in a good mood and we get the after nap wee.  I inquire of Daddy Man if I took a shower this week.  He claims maybe Tuesday.  I do laundry switcheroo and therun to the bathroom and lock the door before my knee high stalker can squeeze in.  Ahhhh!  I decide washing my hair is too much effort right now.  I just stand there and steam.  I do a cursory spot clean of the sink, surface of the toilet and floor (it is a tiny bathroom — the floor wiping takes only a minute).     I put on a sexy outfit — faded red pajama bottoms with black and white French bulldog pattern and a stretched out nursing top. Feed disgruntled baby.  Catch a wee.  Expect a clutter pee miss so arm myself with draped prefold.

Get puked on.  I manage to catch most of it in a bib.   Not his personal best for dirtying an outfit.

7:40 – 8:00
Put baby down to play while I finish eating leftovers at the same time I empty the dishwasher, fill it, and clean the sink quickly.   I apply a quick coat of craft paint on a hand me down clipboard pencil box.  Don’t be impressed, this is day three of just painting over another child’s 6 letter name.  I offer a pee break but am refused.  We nurse instead.

The pee I was expecting is a nurse-and-pee that we miss.

Get puked on twice,  My shirt is now a crusty mess.   Caught a pee,  All span fall asleep on the couch with us.   All is quiet for a Netflixathon while Daddy Man plays Skrym on his laptop.

All still quiet.  Mini Moose wakes with a wail to announce is irritation, pees in the bowl and resumes sleep.

11:30 – 12:00am
Itty Bitty wakes up a bit cranky.  Mini Moose nurses and denies a pee break but stays dry.   I hand off the snoozing boy to Daddy Man and warn him that the next wake up will be a big pee.    Itty Bitty requests grapes and an apple.  I have her take a potty break and oblige the request.  She gives me the last grape…awww.  “Last one for you Mommy.”     We brush teeth and head upstairs to bed.  Daddy Man will bring Mini Moose up later.   I finish this entry that I’ve worked on here and there all day and while the Moose nursed.  Itty Bitty asks to nurse and will be back asleep presently.


7 thoughts on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 113

  1. Wow, it really did help me to read this!! I had some sort of idea in my head that you were perfect, and I was the only one going through this…! I agree, writing this stuff out is depressing. It was also a lot of work and I don’t think I’ll do it again.. Haha. It caused some misses for me too. It’s also interesting that you got puked on a whole lot more than you got peed on… I think people who look at EC and think “eww, I don’t want to get peed on” forget about that. I have never had so many dirty clothes in my life until I became a mom, and most of it is fom spit up, not pee.

    I’m curious – do you use some kind of waterproof layer under your flats? I have two rubber-backed pieces of cloth which I use, otherwise the flats just soak right through onto me or the carpet. But I find it a bit difficult to always have one at hand, and to stack the flat on top of it with one hand while holding the baby in the other…. It’s do-able, of course, but it’s one of the things that is annoying enough that it prevents me from doing more diaper free time.

    Do you just keep stacks of clean flats piled around the house? D you keep mini moose nakey-butt most of the time, or in the pre-fold belt…? It’s still pretty cold here, so I’ve been keeping Olivia in clothes all the time, and when we go diaper free I have to undress and re-dress her constantly. (I bought a ton of pants on ebay so wetting isn’t a problem, but it does take a lot of extra time on my part.

    Sorry for all the questions! I really do want to ditch the diapers, and I’m really having a tough time… This post did help me a lot though!

    • “It’s also interesting that you got puked on a whole lot more than you got peed on”

      I hear you! Oh my…the worst is that it is like that practically every day! And a little pee dries quickly, but the cottage cheesy mucous just stays clammy and cold!

      “I’m curious – do you use some kind of waterproof layer under your flats? ”

      Not really. My homemade wee/milkpads/blankets have a layer of fleece so they are slightly water repellent for a short time for small wees or leaks. I use them on the bed, my lap, and the floor. We have hard wood closely fitted so wiping a moist area from flat or prefold dampness is easy, Baby puddles also not bad. We live in the living room and sleep in the bed so I just keep half my flats in the bedroom for night, Half in the living room with prefolds for day. I have cloth wipes in a wipe warmer there too. Because he’s a boy it also helps to put extra fabric in the area where he pees first when using a flat.

      “Do you keep mini moose nakey-butt most of the time, or in the pre-fold belt…? It’s still pretty cold here, so I’ve been keeping Olivia in clothes all the time”

      He is bare most days until evening, some days we use a prefold and belt or snappi at prime cluster pee time — but still give a lot of bare time even so. The only time he has a diaper on all day is if we are out and about in the car all day. If that happens when we get home he immediately is left bare.

      In winter I use ling sleeved shirts (if a onesie i leave unsnapped and tuck in the tails) with socks and baby legs. I find that it is more than enough to keep the core warm. A exposed bottom isn’t a big deal as long as core and extremities are warm. If I felt the bum was too chilled I used prefold and belt or snappi with the baby legs–not pants.

      • Thanks for all your help! we also have close fitting hardwood floors, so I’m not really that worried about a little pee there, but I don’t really want to be washing the play mat constantly, or the mattress and sheets. Your home-made fleece things sound like a great idea. Did you write about that in an earlier post? I didn’t read all of the earlier ones for mini moose, so maybe I will go back and look for that. Not that I really have any time to make them though… I was going to make my own cloth wipes but gave up after making just one.. haha. But we don’t really need them anyways since we mostly just wash her off in the sink and then dry her with a flat diaper. That’s been working wonderfully for us and keeps her super clean.

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