Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 114

Compare to Sister’s Blog Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Airing out in public wooded play area. *gasp*!

6/16 Day 114 S:   After our tiring day yesterday, we had a rough start with EC in the morning with one miss after another, but then we had some great success with a long outing.  Daddy Man wanted to work on a project so we three went out with Grandmama.      Mini Moose stayed dry a long time, only wetting his diaper after a very long, last car trip after waking from a nap.   I left him bare in the evening and we only missed a couple of pees.   I got puked on multiple times, of course.  As you can see by yesterday notations, pee is the least of my worries!

Itty Bitty had a big miss late in the day when we were home.  She was on her way to the bathroom but miscalculated the distance to the door because she had to go the long way around since Daddy Man blocked the short way through the garage … again… with his tools in front of the door.  We don”t have a back door direct to the backyard.   She realized too late that she didn’t have the extra 30 seconds and as the dam burst she leaped off the walkway into the flower bed!   I have to commend her efforts for trying not to leave a big puddle in a walking path.  She look a bit mortified, but I was proud of her just the same for trying to find a solution!


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