Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 115

Compare to Sister’s Blog Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Napping Diaper Free

6/17 Day 115 Su:   Happy Father’s Day!     A pretty uneventful day.  Made Daddy Man a special dinner that turned out not to suck, which was extra nice.    Spent time outside with the spawn.  Mini Moose even fell asleep on the ground after watching the trees, the clouds, talking to his hands, and rolling over on his belly.    A short nap, but still…there is something about “outside” that gets kids and adults sleepy!     We caught many pees and also missed several.  I’d say it was a 50:50 success rate today.    The poop…well…that’s hard to say.   I knew it was coming, I had the smelly toot toot warnings, but Mini Moose can take a long time to relax.    I’d gotten tired of waiting and wanted a snack so I removed him from the potty bowl.    I was smart though!  Assuming that he’d suddenly relax the moment I started chewing I put a wee pad, then a flat, then a prefold on my lap and held him in one arm.    Brrrrbbbbpt.        I’ll let you decide if you think it was a planned catch, a “half-catch”, or a total miss.      Perspective is everything you know!

I was thinking that I am hoping that my age dating isn’t too confusing.   With Itty Bitty’s blog I only updated once a month.   So even though her blog might say “month 5”  the blog entries covers “Month 4 plus 30 days”.     Even though the title here says Month 5 — Mini Moose isn’t age 5 months…he is four months plus each day.     We don’t count the first month birth to four weeks as Month 0, so it can get confusing when you forget.  Sometimes I get confuzzled.

Just wait until we get to Month 6 and things get a little shifty when I switch to accommodate week lengths so that we end up with the proper 12 month counts.      Our calendar just doesn’t divide nicely.


One thought on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 115

  1. Yeah, I admit that the month thing was confusing me, but I did figure it out. I’m using weeks on mine, but still get super confused, too… I don’t know what you mean about shifting around at six months thoughh….?

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