Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 117

Compare to Sister’s Blog Month 5:  We Have Mobility

6/19 Day 117 T:    We had a very tiring night last night.  Mini Moose was nursing quite often. From what I can tell probably every 2 hours and he was eating so much we went through a lot of flats — way more than usual.     After a long night of feasting, he woke up with an even bigger smile than usual and babbled pretty non stop.   After we got up,  he wanted to spend a lot of time exploring his abilities so I put him on the floor.   Mini Moose is getting stronger and more often than not if I leave the room and come back, he is at least 180 degrees shifted and a foot beyond where I left him!    He rarely spends time on his back now and I’ve also seen him get his knees under him for a second accidentally when he is on the wee-pad (less friction).  He’s still working on rolling to his back but hasn’t quite learned how to control the weight of his head so the first half of the roll is deliberate and the second half is just gravity on a heavy noggin.   All that floor time resulted in a lot of belly pees, but we caught some big pees in the bowl after nursing, after naps, and even the poop, so even though we had misses our rate was a very successful 70/40 until late evening when Daddy Man took over and got blasted about three times.    He doesn’t usually take heed to the warning pees!

Itty Bitty is a bit starved for energy outlets, but I don’t always get out every day.  She was pretty tired though and managed to get a 3pm nap that she really needs.  She crawled on my legs propped on the recliner couch and fall asleep with her bum in the air.    I was trapped nursing the baby.  I’d complain about the lack of blood flow to my foot if it wasn’t so nice to have total quiet and get in a lovely nap myself!


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