Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 118

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Growing into the big potty…

6/20 Day 118 W:    Scorching hot yikes!   I think it got up to 95+ today.     So, I woke up at 5 am drooling and disorientated.   Why is that significant.   Here’s why.    Itty Bitty was beat so I took her to bed first around 11:30pm for some one on one nursing time and she passed out quickly.   I was mostly alone for an hour to turn off my brain and decompress when Mini Moose woke up from his snooze with Daddy Man and was brought to me at 12:30.   He turbo nursed for about 5-10 minutes and went to sleep.   I also fell asleep about the same time.

And…he was dry!     Yep, I was flabbergasted too.

Now some might think this was 100% fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome to get five consecutive hours of sleep.  Terrific that his night wee-wee reduction hormone is in the testing stages.  However, I woke up with rocks on my chest.  This means I was kind of hurting and Mini Moose got nearly drowned from the force of the letdown.     There is always a price to pay to the Piper!      We had a nice pee went back to sleep.   Another long stretch it was going to be and…

Damn if a construction crew wasn’t in front of my house jackhammering a hole at 7 *@%$ing  thirty in the morning.   Really!?

Anyway, thank goodness for EC and bare bums because we were all sticky.  I can’t imagine putting the girl or boy in plastic in this sweltering heat.    Mini Moose was bare and free all day long.   He didn’t pee quite as much because it was so hot and slept a lot so catching was super duper easy.    We had a miss outside when I put him on a picnic cloth to play with the wee wee aimed off to the patio stones.  We caught a poop.  And misses we had indoors were due to belly pees.

I got puked on only 4 times!


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