Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 119

Compare to Sister’s Blog Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Ready for night. Two homemade wee pads, easy off flat with snappi / no cover.   Potty bowl off to the side next to more flats.

6/21 Day 119 R (Week 17):    Well, Happy Summer Solstice!    Hmm…well according to the data, it was actually yesterday.   Oops.

We are up early again today.  Bleaurgh.    It was an okay night.  We were cool from the air conditioner, but MIni Moose was up quite often to nurse and pee (we missed them all and he was soaking).  He must have been making up for the hot day and our busy play date.   Really our fist official playdate!   It was so hot still that I wasn’t going to invite anyone over, but luckily a new friend with a boy and a girl the same age as my spawn called last night and asked if she could come over.    I was so happy!

We were outside for maybe an hour but came in because it was hot.  The girls were happy playing in the giant sandbox built by Daddy Man under our big shade trees, but even they were happy to seek the coolness of the house.  I gave them a rock sensory box, some chalk and board, dry erase puzzle and markers, and frozen bananas.   Of course, their personalities were a little incompatible and that result in Itty Bitty getting bitten and conked in the head with a toy (tough cookie didn’t tell me she’d been bitten, her new friend admitted to doing it and there was a deep tooth mark in her finger).   Itty Bitty is very affectionate and is a Space Invader (hahahaha) and the other girl likes her Personal Space.  Itty Bitty hasn’t encountered aggressive rejections of her overtures of hugs and kisses and pats and hand holding and overall “in your space” behaviors.    I’ve had to talk to her daily about giving Mini Moose some breathing room because she wants to kiss him, pat him, hug him, sing to him, and has discovered she can make him laugh.       Of course, I’m not happy my Baby Girl got hurt, but at the same time it is an important lesson for her to learn about boundaries, reading body language, and accepting “no thank you” for an answer without crushing her loving spirit.

We got to demonstrate some EC and Mommy’s New Friend was surprised at how easy and casual it seemed.   We had two small misses and a catch.  Though it was a half catch since Itty Bitty startled him and he didn’t get to finish until 5 minutes later.    After they left, he fell asleep and had a huuuuuge pee after he woke that we caught.  The rest of the evening was 50/50.  This heat is just messing with timing.


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