Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 121

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Adored by sister

6/23 Day 121 S:    I am so not liking the new wakeup hour.    A rise and shine of 7:30 for us is like 5:30 for most people.  When you work late evenings and go to bed late it makes sense.  I am best rested between 9 and 10am based on my current work schedule and routine.    I’ll get through it okay.  I just don’t like it is all.

That said.  Big smiles greet me every morning and our weekend began as usual with Daddy Man going out and bringing back blueberry muffins and “coffee”  (hot chocolate actually…but we call it coffee for the sake of Itty Bitty who gets good old morning agua).    We had a big wee catch just after getting up for the day and then we saw a matinee of Pixar’s Brave.    Ooooo it was goooood!   I looooooved it!    I was giddy like an 8 year old.  Technically it wasn’t Itty Bitty’s very first movie, but the first we’ve brought her two where she could understand it.   She giggled at the opening scene and then was restless.     Mini Moose slept, nursed, and was happy to watch the lights and drooled when awake.  I agreed to let GrandMaMa get her a not pretzel, though in the dark of the theater it was Daddy Man who discovered as we were leaving that it was a cinnamon sugar, not plain.    Ack!    Naughty Grandmama!   If we can’t get a plain we get a salted and flick the salt off.    Might as well give the girl a sugar bowl to lick with the Cinnamon Sugar one.   Le Sigh.        Grandmama bought us lunch and then we went home with Destructo Girl.
I was so distracted I forgot to give the poor boy a proper potty break, but we soiled only one diaper and we got back on track after his nap when we got home.      So not a big day for catches, but we did catch big ones and didn’t sweat the small stuff.

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