Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 122

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Because he likes to find his own spot. A hot day and a cool breeze on the tush…what’s not to like?

6/24 Day 122 Su:   I should find out the state of my car tomorrow, Daddy Man is out visiting a friend and I’m housebound.   For all our sakes, we spent all day outside.   Mini Moose was naked all day long until Daddy Man came home.   I left a naked baby on the play mat, took a nice shower, actually got to groom and preen, and when I came back out he was in a secured flat.   Daddy Man is a potty woosie.

Since Mini Moose was on his belly a lot, we had a lot of belly wees.  Nothing we can do about that right now until his muscles get stronger.   If he is on his back, I angle him on the picnic blanket so that his apparatus is aimed at the lawn and if on his belly I put a few prefolds under him.  He moves quite a distance with is wiggle wiggle wiggles so I have to keep replacing it.   I had a chance to type up a guest blog for (it took all day–sometimes one handed–and even though I proofread, I am mortified at how many typos I missed).   No poops were deployed today, but we got the huge after nap pees just fine.

A few times last night he woke me up with his weewee kicks and he was dry.  Unfortunately, I keep falling back to sleep and then he wakes me up more urgently for a wet change.   When he wakes up he has to go right away and can’t wait.  My sleep cobwebs are thick!   I am sure that in the next month he’ll develop the sphincter strength.     I might try training pants to see if that helps us both.   I want to keep him diaper free all  night like when he was brand new, but his penis, bigger bladder, and back sleeping is a problem of sprinkler proportions.

Itty Bitty spent her time playing with the neighbor boy.  I allowed her a bit more wandering freedom between our two yards (no fence) because I can see between foliage breaks and hear them.  We have big yards.  Unfortunately, the 7 year old lacks any sort of judgement or attentiveness so he doesn’t look out for her like Daddy Man’s niece does on visits.  Itty Bitty follows him like a shadow and they wandered behind the neighbor’s shed and…     Itty Bitty sent up the FREAK ALARM.   With a sleeping Mini Moose in my arms I jumped off my shady beach chair, slid on the picnic blanket, sprinted across our lawn, leaped between two bushes, raced across their yard, and sprinted barefoot on rough gravel behind their shed.   I was ready to encounter blood, sprained ankle, deal with a bee sting or tear the throat of a prowling jaguar!

She calmed down when she saw me enough to make sense.    It turned out to be a huge sticky, dirty web.    I explained that,”this was why I said to stay where mommy can see you!”     Had I been able to see I could have judged the level of response better.    Mini Moose slept through it all…geeze!      The Neighbor Boy felt responsible I think and even though I said nothing to him and assured him she was okay– he slinked back into his house muttering about needing to take a bath!  I decided that was a good idea and took Sniffles into the house and let her decompress in the bathtub.   She amused herself with scrubbing the dirt out of  her nails with a nail brush for an hour.


One thought on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 122

  1. Aww, poor Itty Bitty! Yeah my husband is the same way with diaper free time… i can have her without a diaper all day, but after the first pee with daddy she’s back in the diaper again. Men are such wimps!

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