Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 123

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Diaperless in a Onesie

6/25 Day 123 M:   Big thunderstorms todayand I didn’t get my car until 3:00pm, but they dropped it of for me!  It turned out to be a faulty battery despite it being new.   Price tag stung a but but not the 500 smackers it could have been!

We  were awoken at 7am by the gravel leveler shaking the whole house, the wired toddler and cranky pants baby.   Really, EC seemed to be the only thing that wasn’t falling to pieces!   Only  a handful of small misses, and caught enormous after nap pees.   I managed to get regular laundry done (by done I mean the two loads I did, not the whole of it)and had the Destructo Girl help me make blueberry muffins in the middle of the day.   Yeah, we had muffins for lunch.   She ate three and then passed out on the couch with one muffin bite still in her hands.  I nursed Naked Boy until he fell asleep, and I got to take a cat nap!

Itty Bittuy got to amuse herself with a bin of rocks, some water, plastic eggs, silk leaves, and plastic dinosaurs.   I put down my favorite picnic blanket and a big bath towel on top of it so that she could have water play without my worrying about the floor.   She was very busy for a couple of hours.


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