Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 124

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Mini Moose is usually naked all day, but when he’s on my lap feeding and feel I might miss the wake up wee or we are having a long nursing session and he didn’t go beforehand, I use an unsecured prefold and a wee pad as a precaution.

6/26 Day 124 T:   I hate road construction at 7am.   Anyway, Happy Poop Day!    Mini Moose doesn’t poop on a schedule, rather it is Russian Roulette.   He was gassy yesterday and most of this morning so I knew it was on the horizon.     Having learned my lesson, I avoided the poop chair and made sure I had a prefold on my lap.      He was happily sitting on my lap this way while I was reading a blog post from Happy Hooligans and my nose registered that unique scented breastfed baby fart.   It’s not foul — I hesitate to say pleasant– but distinctive.  Just as the scent was rousing me from my reading stupor, he tensed his abs (I was holding him around his middle with my hand) and…     POW!    AGGGH!      Indeed, I yelp and he stopped going.     Boy was I glad I prepared!   It was quite a lot and some got on my pants, but 99% of it was on the prefold.   I had a feeling he wasn’t done so I put him on the potty bowl and caught the other half!       Zounds!

I am not sure if I conveyed the magnitude of what came out of his behind.     Had this been done in a diaper (cloth or not) it would have been one of those EPIC blowouts.  The ones that end up between toes, in hair, in ears, and under fingernails!        A teaspoon of plop on my pants was a piddly price to pay the Poop Piper.      (check that alliteration).          I cleaned up the mess on one of his butt cheeks with one cloth wipe and threw my already dirty pants into the wash that was currently going!  Yes, I am still trying to tame the laundry beast.

Our pee catches were 80/20 in favor of catches!    Most of them were after nap wees and after a super-long nurse wees.   The ones we missed were from belly time and when Daddy Man came home.      Oh, I think I forgot to mention yesterday that Daddy Man had insisted on me diapering Mini Moose before handing him over and Mini Moose wiggle wiggle wiggled until he created a pee tunnel in the prefold, felt the breeze, aimed, and fired.    So…Daddy Man got peed on anyway.   If I did well it is always funny to mention it again.   Hahaha!        We also had a small poop deployment just before bed (around 11pm).    Mini Moose doesn’t poop more than once every few days so it was a surprise.    A small pittance, hardly worth noting except that it was totally unexpected.  He had on a secured prefold on the floor at the time being watched by Daddy Man while I was folding laundry.

And sakes alive, Itty Bitty is Cling Wrap!    In my face, up my butt, on my leg, in my ear…  I thinks she’s trying to crawl back into my uterus! On top of that Mini Moose has been marathon nursing.   Maybe tomorrow we’ll go out to play.


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