Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 125

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**SQUEE!** Baby Feet!

6/27 Day 125 w:  Our 7AM wake-up call today was the laying of tar.  Isn’t that special?    Yeah, that’s what I thought to.    On less homicidal thought lines. Mini Moose was dry all night long from 12:30AM to 7:00AM!   Daddy Man said he peed a ton before bringing him upstairs for the night and Moose refused a pottytunity at 12:30 and at 3:30 choosing to nurse exclusively instead.   I was dumbfounded.  He had a sizeable first morning wee, I missed the second, caught the next two, and missed the last.    His pees, I am guessing were 10-20 minutes apart — Itty Bitty had the same morning cluster pees.   I assume once the night hormone wears off the kidneys immediately make up for it.

I don’t expect this to happen every night, but it should likely be like growth spurts.

We are leaving for our annual Ohio trip tomorrow.  We are going to try a night journey this time to take advantage of long snoozes.  I’ve got a lot of packing to do and I planned o start today but decided to take the kids on a play date.   We went to see our new friends who live 5 minutes away after I ran an errand for work.   Mini Moose was dry for 2 hours for that errand.  I was sure he was going to be wet by the time we arrived to play since he refused a potty break in the car and I was gobsmacked that he wasn’t.    I immediately took them both to the bathroom peeing Mini Moose first before showing Itty Bitty how to use their toilet system.

I don’t think I mention it often enough how important it is to show a potty learned toddler where the facilities are in someone’s house and to show them how to use their set up.    For example, at our New Friends’ house they have a built in toilet reducer which Itty Bitty has never seen, a smaller step stool, and a lower sink with completely different taps.    Itty Bitty is still inexperienced with all of the toileting options so it is important to bring them to her attention when they come up.     I realized early on that accidents she had having over another friend’s house when she was under 20 months old were due to not “knowing the lay of the land.”

We had two toilet wees for mi i moose, a couple of belly pees, and a lap wee on a prefold (an expected prepared for miss).   New Friend expressed great excitement over the vast improvement of her son’s diaper rash, and how fun it has been so far.   I don’t think she believes she can get to the point we are currently in because she doesn’t really get to see our 125 days of mutual learning.   She’s still nervous about wee, but beginning to see how the “changing table” routine take a lot more time than holding a lightly dressed baby up to pee in a bowl, toilet, or prefold on a mat.      Even if she decides to stop, she will always be much more aware of when her baby goes even in a diaper!     Yay, EC!

Oh, the rest of our day was 50/50 hits and misses.  My misses were when I put him down to fetch our suitcases and travel gear, and our hits were the nice big after nap and after feed wees.



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