Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 126

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6/28 Day 126 R:  (The entries from Jun 28 to Jul 8 have been copied and backdated from a handwritten travel log due to severe thunderstorms that caused rolling blackouts.)

Today I prepared for our annual car trip to Ohio that will take about 14 hours beginning with errands and then packing before we left.  This time we are planning to start in the evening to take full advantage of sleep hours.  I caught two very large morning pees after a long night of misses, then Mini Moose stayed dry for our errands at the mall (he was in the mei tai) and had a nice wee in the toilet when we returned.   By the way, quite by accident I discovered one or two weeks ago when I forgot the travel potty seat that Itty Bitty has grown physically large enough and developed enough strength to use any big toilet without a seat reducer if she is help to get on it.   She has not attempted to climb onto and use the toilet without the reducer on her own however.  After our errands, I decided that the best thing was to get all the monkey energy out and we spend the late morning and early afternoon outside.   I let Mini Moose wet down a nice bush twice.

Anyway, I missed all the “on the floor to play” wees while I was packing.  He just pees more when he is down there and I was running about trying to remember everything.   EC gear packed:    In our clean 8 gallon diaper pail with a large Bumgenius liner, put in our Free and Clear 7th Generation detergent and little Bjorn to save space.  I washed all of our regular laundry (so I don’t have to come home to laundry beasts), prefolds and flats and packed them in the kid’s shared suitcase along with two of my homemade wee pads.   I also brought our two semi-water resistant picnic blankets and potty bowl.

And…I found the missing potette potty, so now I have two and I found the missing favorite jacket that would have been perfect this past spring.  Where?   In my husband’s suitcase!     Do we even need to list all the reasons why that irritates me despite the fact that I probably put them in there last trip because my suitcase is smaller?

Getting out some monkey energy…

After we switched and reinstalled car seats for maximum comfort (and safety of course), did a mental checklist, left a key for the cat sitter, and had a potty break we left at 8pm which was an hour later than we planned.    G-Ma and Uncle were coming along also following us.  None of us has a car that is big enough for four adults and two car seats.   Mini Moose slept and stayed dry for our first regular rest stop which was at 10:30.  I took both Mini Moose (MM) and Itty Bitty (IB) to the ladies room and both had very big pees.   Our second regular stop was at 12:30pm and MM was asleep and dry upon arrival.   I went to get a snack and while I was gone MM woke up and Daddy Man took him out of the seat but didn’t take him to pee, so I returned to a sopping wet baby.  IB didn’t need to go.  At 2:30 we made another usual, scheduled stop but MM had awoke 20 – 30 minutes prior and was wet by the time we arrived.

At 3:30 AM we made our planned stop at a Hampton Inn (our favorite since they are very clean have an awesome self-made waffle station and breakfast buffet) but they had no vacancy!   We ended up staying at a Howard Johnson and the rooms left something to be desired (I’ve only stayed in one worse motel) and the continental breakfast was horrible (too sweet instant package oatmeal and coffee that can put hair on a floor).   IB and MM had nice big wees before we immediately went to bed (double beds).   IB didn’t want to sleep with Daddy Man and so I had both sleep with me.


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